I've just finished a game of Sicily on Invasion and noticed an extreme German advantage. From the buildings past the bunker, it's possible to snipe the British inside their spawn. I'm not talking about the bunker, as this issue occurred after capturing A. Playing as the British, I was repeatedly sniped seconds after spawning. Seeing this leads me to believe that there may be a serious issue about cover on Sicily. This did not used to happen when I was playing the more early Alphas of this game, so either the map changed, or a certain mechanic changed which enables this. I could just not be correct and was playing against cheaters, but I don't believe that's likely. If anyone else has experienced this, let me know. Otherwise, you could tell me why I'm wrong. All the best.
I have also noticed this on Sicily Invasion. Also on Sicily, I think that at the C objective in Sicily Invasion, it would play out a lot better if the 'restricted area' could be scaled back a bit. When playing for the C objective the British can occupy the buildings across the street from C, however the Germans cannot, even though it is so close to Charlie. In my opinion I think the game play just doesn't fit right at the C objective with these current restricted areas. I think relocating Charlie might also solve this issue. Just my 2 cents, Thanks.

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