Since now there is only one "squad" opposed to 2 like before the update, can we please get the option for to control player spawns by class? 

For example: I want the officers to spawn in the red circle and communication to spawn in the blue circles
[Image: 94lcJ8W.jpg]

so what I was hoping is that this option: 
[Image: qdWgXAE.png]

could become a dropdown menu (typeable for a custom class) to pick a class role and force a class to spawn there.
Good suggestion.
I remember asking for a squadrelated spawn way back in Insurgency, to have more options for custom mappers for some kind of split/scripted spawns (defense of some hotspots e.g. sniper nest, spread out spawns on a Black-Hawk-Down themed map, etc.)
That Squadrelated spawns will come in handy once the weird squadlayout has changed Smile Still hope this one is happening someday...
[Image: 2MEKZ9N.png]

Seeing as DOI is all about realism, which I love and really helps players get submerged into the map they're playing. This gets a massive vote from me!
To suggesting Day of Infamy is about realism, is a bit far reaching. The devs should really compile the flamethrower back into the engineer class, and the radio back in the support class (it is called fire support after all) and consider that medic bandage bag for the support as well. Then we can talk about realism. 9.Kompanie has been provided not with just members but also public supporters/players with extensive backgrounds on the subject and it continues to pop up that Day of Infamy is leaning toward Call of Duty. If they want realism, they should bring back the majority of the K98/m1 Garand. Force players to use these by shrinking the available slots for the special weapons. Or at least allow server managers to adjust class restrictions.
I'd love to see the quicker characters spawn in the front and the heavier characters in the back to prevent blocking, and to make quicker characters be able to get to the positions they need to on time more reliably

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