Welcome to the The Insurgency Gym:  New Insurgency community, designed to welcome new players and grow the competitive scene while offering a place for veterans of the game to hone their skills and hangout with other players!

They are going to focus on learning and getting better with cool people, so there will be no ragers or guys/gals not willing to welcome new players to the community. Our first and biggest rule is DBAD: Don’t Be A ****, and our only real requirements are a mic and the willingness to use it.

The highlight of the Gym will be a once weekly PUG (Pick Up Game) Night designed to help introduce people to playing competitively, improving the skills of existing players, and helping newer players learn about why 5v5 Firefight is such a wonderful thing. So to do that, each PUG Night will have only one map: however many games we play that night, all of them will be on the same map so players can really get a feel for it. Also, the PUG Night will begin with a short workshop for new players, or older players looking for some more practice, to go over call outs and basic lanes/strategy for the map. During the night, some of the best players in the game will offer advice to their teams on how to improve, so every match is a little better than the last.

To give you an idea, the agenda for the first event, PUG Night District on December 10th at 7:30pm CET / 1:30pm EST, will be as follows:

7:30pm CET/ 6:30pm GMT / 1:30pm EST: Workshop for New Players

8:00 CET/ 7:00 GMT / 2:00 EST: Split into Teams and Meet your PUG Night Team

8:15 CET/ 7:15 GMT / 2:15 EST: First Games Begin

10:30 – 11:30 EST / 9:30 – 10:30 GMT / 4:30– 5:30 EST: Games End (depending on number of games), Teams have a brief recap, and PUG Night Winners are crowned

Any questions? Send Blade a message or post in the Discord and they will help you out.

Welcome to The Insurgency Gym!
https://discord.gg/SaTb7hb  <---- PRESS THIS LINK TO JOIN.

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