https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgO_jqnr1ww this is a sample of Unreal 4 possibilities when it comes to animations. If you watch closely there are some moments when it is also rendered in 1st person. It would be great if the game would incorporate the more "earthly" moves which you could perform with gear on, like vaulting over that small object in the start or pulling yourself over a wall.

As for your question, I think it's possible, I can't tell you for sure but if they make that model do all that crazy stuff I guess a "cancel" animation is in the possibilities of Unreal 4.
yeah that's hick. we can all run around like apes.

I want an ultra sprint as well, possibly just for a couple seconds, in the same style as the zoom in. short duration, fast cooldown. could be a little longer like 10 seconds of ultra sprint.
Whatever it takes to survive, if crouching in midair while jumping is what I need to do then I'll do it.

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