These videos have been around for a while, but I figured some of you guys might never have seen this before. You're first thought might be that it looks a little like Arma 3, but CryEngine 3 visual capabilities are far superior to Arma 3. Anyway, check it out. I'm sure by the time a military sim game exist using the CryEngine, they will be using CryEngine 4. I have a lot of experience scripting for Arma 2- 3, but I much prefer designing actual environments which to fight in, so I would definitely drop Arma 3 to create stuff like this.



[Image: sound_pack_small.jpg] [Image: reticle_pack_small.jpg]


[Image: sound_pack_small.jpg] [Image: reticle_pack_small.jpg]

Looks cool =).

[Image: personalsig2Snuff.jpg]
Impressed I was, and after research real life figuratively kicked me in the balls. Apparently this cost a poop-ton to make, couldn't handle large maps an ran poorly. It was rejected in favor of VBS, which is on the Arma engine but is not made by the Arma devs. RTI also seems to have gone of the radar for now. Maybe for good, maybe not.

VBS 3.0 looks pretty awesome (Just look at this! And this! And this and this and this and this!), with all of the simulation-thingies it does.


On the bright side, PR2.0 is still a thing, and it's on CE3, and it's made by people who know what they're doing.


Edit: The "this"s are links, even if they don't show up as them.

You mean stuff like this...

[Image: sound_pack_small.jpg] [Image: reticle_pack_small.jpg]

[Image: orpd11.png]

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