And here I thought that maybe it was just to hide and otherwise disguise all the old unused code cluttering everything up making it almost impossible to decipher what is actually used and what isn't so we can get mods working as intended rather than hobbling along on a crutch barely working at all.

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there are no files inside any of my folders when i try and find them to open them with GCFscape? help

It says it has loaded fine and all, but I see no files, just an empty window.

I tried different VPK files, all the same.

What did I do wrong?

my VPK has been crashing when trying to pack alot of sounds and material files. any reason why this keeps happening? 

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A new update is out and now you can now upload your VPK addons to Workshop.

hY !

No matter how many times I try - my skins after packing them into .vpk files - they go invisible ingame .

They are working until the conversion so no idea . . .
Winston_ Change your vpk and smd to go materials/models/weapons/specific weapon/your files. The materials folder is very important for it being able to open. Thanks! -SkorpioGames

Hi guys, i'm trying to edit skins for weapons & players but the vpk don't show either ingame or in the custom content workshop list.


As i do my vpk with the following tutorial it doesn't work but if i use a vpk from the workshop earlier downloaded and replace the vtf inside with my own texture it works.


So as it was for left 4 dead with the addons.txt file, do you need to write down on a text file the name of the addons you add?

what i'm missing ? i have the correct path inside my vpk (root/materials/models/weapons/weps_name) for exemple. Is there any little trick i'm missing?


thx for your help !
Easy way to .vpk

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