So I used the "Creating Custom Sound Mods for Insurgency" guide on Steam discussions and after I've done all of the steps, it's just silent in-game. I tried to mod the ak74's gunshots on first person to a recording of me making a gunshot noise. I made the file into .WAV(16-bit float PCM on audacity), put it into the same folder directories and made it into a .vpk file and put it in the customs folder of insurgency, but it still doesn't work, even doing "snd_restart" does nothing. Any help would greatly be appreciated Smile

I've tried changing almost everything and it still wont work.
Currently the audio file is 16-bit PCM 44100Hz stereo.
If you need any other info I'd gladly provide. I just really want to get this done because its for a gift to a good friend of mine.

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