I feel as though an introduction to the Pacific Campaign in the game would be amazing. With the state of the game so far, the Pacific Campaign sounds like it would be a very fun twist to the game. Adding a new nation and possibly new abilities.

I've thought of some possible Ideas (Which not everyone may agree on) however I'll pitch a few out there and see what people think. 

Map Ideas: 
Iwo Jima

Weapon Ideas:
Pistols: Type 14 8mm Nambu Pistol, Type 26 Revolver
SMG's: MP 34, Type 100 SMG
Rifles: Type 99 Rifle, Type 38 Rifle, Type 97 Sniper Rifle
LMG's: Type 96, Type 99 LMG
Flamethrower: Type 93 or Type 100
Grenade Launcher (Replacement for Bazooka): Type 10 Grenade Discharger
Rifle Grenade Launcher: Type 100 Grenade Discharger
Melee Weapons: Gunto Type 98 Sword (Officer Restricted), Type 30 Bayonet, Type 2 Bayonet (For Type 100 SMG).
Gameplay Features:
U.S. Would be able to call in a Naval Barrage instead of Artillery.
Japanese Officers could order a banzai charge that would buff damage resistance and grant a short speed boost to players on the team who are running with a charged bayonet outside of a certain area of an objective. (Say you would be at the B point of the map, in the middle, and as soon as you left onto the other side of the area with a charging bayonet (after an officer ordered a banzai charge) you would be granted damage resistance and a short speed boost.

Keep in mind these are all suggestions, If anybody else wants to see something similar feel free to suggest more ideas.
It's a nice idea but it would have to run as a standalone due to the completely new textures etc.

Check out the work being done on the soviet/ Red Army Theatre and the work entailed there.

I'd play it!
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