The model 10 is almost laughably bad. It sees very little use. Here are a few things I think could be done to improve it a bit.

1. Heavy barrel. (there were heavy barreled model 10's made)

2. .357 (there was also a .357 version made called the model 13 these were all heavy barreled) this could bring the damage up to what the 1911 does making the model 10/13 a viable sidearm. I for one would love to see the model 13 and it would require very little change from the model 10's textures.

3. Painted front sight option (hopefully costing zero points) this would make it much easier to quire a target quickly and I have done this to my model 13 in real life.

4. Laser sight grips are a thing. https://www.tacticalwholesalers.com/Crim...oC0iHw_wcB

5. flashlights. There is not a lot of attachments that already exist that serve this purpose but there a many ways of securing a flashlight to your revolver. the most simple of these is simply a clamp forward of the ejection rod.  http://www.opticsplanet.com/phoebus-barr...mount.html  There is also a warable thumb ring tacital light that could be an option. 
[Image: GripTomahawk.jpg]
I've never used it. But that sounds good! What is the gun in the picture?
Looks a bit like a high power clone of some sort. Its just the stock photo from the website that sells them.
Nice I think.
That's a CZ 75 (B model), like the one I ported to Insurgency.
Wow hik

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