Yes, I know that I sound entitled, but seriously, this game needs a HUGE performance update. I tried auto cfgs, launch commands etc. It's still not enough.
Saying vaguely "please optimise the game" doesn't help. You could at least provide some specs Tongue
Well i have core i5 3470, 8gb of Ram and amd hd7870 2gb and game run around 100 fps, my PC is by far outdated and no performance issue. Maybe windows 10+update drivers+ overclock? Cheers!
Im having
Win10home 64-bit, i5-4440, 8Gb ram, GeForce GT 640.

DoI runs very fine with good fps (except some crashes)

I would check what drivers could be updated and also check so you dont have to many running programs.
I do run many programs as TS, ventrilo, muble and thunderbird while playing without problems, but you can have some heavy loading maybe?

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