Hi folks, Insurgency is so good ima try and make a cargo ship map. Getting that 'Captain Phillips' spirit there?


[Image: captain_phillips.jpg][/img]


But as a newbie in Hammer'ing, i'm eating tutorials, reading the whole valve wiki and all, but i still get confused.


I'll post my questions here if i can't find them answered elsewhere, thank you for your help, you who got the whole hammer hammer'in.


-Can i use custom textures found on the internet that i get into hammer through VTFEdit on insurgency2 maps? Or do i have to stick to the basic textures to make a universally playable map?


Thank you!


14th april Update:

1[Image: 1404151227374060712150278.jpg][/img]

2[Image: 1404151227464060712150279.jpg][/img]

3[Image: 1404151227554060712150280.jpg][/img]

4[Image: 1404151227314060712150277.jpg][/img]


-19th may update


Some shots in the open:


[Image: 1405190148094060712249341.jpg][/img]


[Image: 1405190151124060712249348.jpg][/img]


[Image: 1405190151274060712249350.jpg][/img]


[Image: 1405190151334060712249351.jpg][/img]


[Image: 1405190151414060712249352.jpg][/img]

oh yiss, i am looking forward to the map!


i'd suggest you to put some kind of scenario into it, eg the cargo ship being in an harbor or beeing stranded at the shore, maybe even tilted a little bit.


e.g. the pirates tried to escape to the shore and stranded 200mtrs, so you d see the coast line from the ship, still its too far to swim and the pirates have to face the standoff against the boarding soldiers.


that ll give the map much more depth and i think its good to have in mind from the beginning.


(i d still enjoy a plain cargo ship in the middle of the ocean, but a scenario will give you more opportunity to make the map interesting, eg. broken containers, holes in the hull etc.)

I've seen people using ropes in custom maps. Might be a cool idea to have the Security board the ship by using ropes.

[Image: b_160_400_1_ffffff_c5c5c5_ffffff_000000_0_1_0.png][Image: b_160_400_1_ffffff_c5c5c5_ffffff_000000_0_1_0.png][Image: b_160_400_1_ffffff_c5c5c5_ffffff_000000_0_1_0.png]
i already made a cargoship map called container but what evers

[Image: x10e.jpg]



yeah i ve seen the thread, and i think i played really long ago as a coop map.


judging from the screens, it does look a little dated though, like a cs 1.6 map with a better sky map.


it lacks a convincing color scheme and the map had way to many straight lines and too little cover in my memory.


thats why i suggested to employ some kind of scenario, to give it a better feeling.


if you added more interesting textures and props it will get more attention i think.

Thanks for your ideas:


-add the shore line in the separate 3DSkybox that recreates the vast ocean.

-definitely add ropes from a raft and open hull for security. just varying spawnpoints in fact.

-tilt the whole ship. gosh that would be awesome. a tilted map, not much, just slightly-ish, to get that.... "houston i think this ship hit something" feeling ^^

-as for the textures, i guess i'll have to stick with insurgency 2 textures, even though they are VERY oriental-desertic-plaster-stone wall oriented, which is absolutely NOT the materials you have on a boat but hu!

-i'm just getting the hang of it. I intend to go further into details as work goes on but hey, this is day 4!

You do not have to stick with Insurgency textures.  Use VTFedit to make your own (or import) and then use Pakrat to pack the BSP.  Then when someone downloads the map they will automatically have the new textures.  I used Pakrat to add new models to my map and it works perfectly.


Just be aware that custom content will swell the size of the BSP and increase download times.

[Image: mike.gif]
[Image: b_350_20_692108_381007_FFFFFF_000000.png]
[Image: b_350_20_692108_381007_FFFFFF_000000.png]
maybe the map could work great with a rain effect and very short view distances, that would compensate for the long container aisles providing little cover and could potentially give a real nice contrast to the dry inner of the ship.


also either dusk or dawn (dawn is when such missions are carried out most of the time anyway) to have dramatic lighting.

Thank you for your answers and feedback guys.


@MikeHawk: thanks, that's the exact answer to my question. I think the right texture is necessary when you spend so many hours on creating/playing a map^^

@DuffMan: i am completely thinking the DuffMann-way-of-life, getting the whole ambiance/scenario/immersion stuff up front in the creation of this ship. But it's hard since i don't master the technique of the Hammer to concentrate on that RP-side^^ I thought of a mission at night with projectors on the ship. But i'll have to give a go to the dawn+rain, even though i have no idea how to do a dawn skybox and add rain effect... YET!




Progress: i have been thinking about the rooms one might encounter in such a ship and have found this for inspiration (even though it's not a cargo/tanker ship). What do you guys think? What type of room would you find cool in a super tanker Ins map?


[Image: 1403301210584060712108614.jpg][/img]


I have so much trouble getting the water to work, i'll leave that for the finishing blow along with the correct skybox.
While it has to be realistic, tons of rooms won't help gameplay a bit.  Sketch out the flow of the mission first and then fill in the details to support it.   Wink

[Image: mike.gif]
[Image: b_350_20_692108_381007_FFFFFF_000000.png]
[Image: b_350_20_692108_381007_FFFFFF_000000.png]
Quote:While it has to be realistic, tons of rooms won't help gameplay a bit.  Sketch out the flow of the mission first and then fill in the details to support it.   Wink

Thank you Mike, indeed, i intend to make the "appearence" of many rooms with a few closed door, but will keep it playable.


-a 2 floor engine room with big engines and freaky pressure control panels, dark tight and steamy atmosphere

-a kitchen+cantina area (kitchen stuff, cooler, shelves)

-cool down area (tv seats magazines)


I hope i'll find what i need and be creative enough with insurgency's props!


The whole ship will be equiped with pipes, bolts and cables on the walls, not too much but enough to feel that you are like Jonas in the middle of the beast! But that's like the icing on the cake to input when the map is finished.


What i especially like about ins is that "free-to-roam" feeling, which is not easy to obtain on such a closed and confined environnement as a boat.

I am trying to give many opportunities to go from one end to the other to avoid that. If one corridor is guarded, there should be 2 or 3 other ways to go around that. Just thinking out loud^^
here's some footage of german soldiers training for a boarding mission:




i d suggest to establish at least three ways too move through the ship, assuming that the soldiers would start at the tip and make their way to the bridge in the back. that could be one way on the left side, one way on the right side and a way through the machine room somewhat in the middle but lower.


one of the two deck sides could have some stumbled containers and shattered goods while the other would have more straight container aisles (there isnt so much room on a deck to move along anyway), alls the rooms like kitchen and living room are beneath the bridge if i remember correctly, so they would be condesed there.


here is actually footage of a boarding mission:




if something is ready to playtest and feels good i could maybe help out with some texturing, i am not a professional but quite skilled at photoshop


MSC Flaminia
style dude!
Update, [Image: 1404020332414060712117527.jpg] [Image: 1404020331514060712117524.jpg] [Image: 1404020342474060712117553.jpg] [Image: 1404020340164060712117540.jpg] [Image: 1404020341284060712117542.jpg]

-containers molested

-more corridors and possibilities on floors -1 and -2 inside the beast

my present question is

-how do you finish a wall brush?

do you leave the useless sides with a "nodraw" texture?

or do you use another compile-optimizing trick? (like using face edit / displacement / create ---> which leave only the SELECTED SIDE in the world, deleting all the rest? )

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