I always welcome updates to DOI, but this one is ... argh.

One hour of playing (coop) and I've encountered:

- supply boxes don't heal when you hold F: screen shade does not change, you still die from a fart in your general direction. (yes I've seen the progress bar and waited it through till the end)
- MG42 bipod no longer deploys on boxes, rocks, ... combine with MG42 no longer being able to aim down sight without deployed bipod? General death experience. On Reichswald entrenchment with an MG42, try to go from D to the rocks above A and try and deploy. Go to B and try to deploy on the boxes in the middle of the sand sack circle.
- the new UI might look good to your designer, but it's impractical:
* horizontal options next to each other have description/names cut into costs
* supply points left are harder to see
- in a reichswald entrenchment, I could select 7th airborne, but not 1st infantrie
- mobs seem to be bullet sponges all of a sudden
- mobs throw grenades ridiculously far (on sicily: from the beach side of the "A" bunker behind the radio tower)

This is irritating.
For me, this update is so far very good! My personal preference is slower gameplay-done!With slower gameplay I think is more psychologicaly immersive, especialy Saint-Lo.No game have that "feeling" and other stuff is just technical and minor to main strenght. Also ranks on screenboard is good touch. Well done, developers! One issue to adress in future is more smooth movement near doors and other obstacles, have that stuck-my-coat-to-nail but i think this is easy to accomplish.And one question, how many ranks are? Cheers and good job!

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