Hello all, just an observation but the weapons all look like they just come off the assembly line. I'm no expert but in my opinion i think they should look like they've been through hell. Maybe some dings or scratches, some dirt and grime, a dried blood stain on your knife or bayonete. That would go for the character models too, make it look they've been through the mud and the muck. It would make it seem more realistic. Just an opinion. Awesome game though.
Hey Hoffa,

Be sure to check the Workshop for community added weapon skins. I have seen some battle worn skins on a couple of rifles but I'm too lazy to find links at the moment.

The game is still young and there are frequent new additions so keep a look out

See you on the battlefield!
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Get on the ground and give me 50 private. now

That's your reward for keeping your gun clean.

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