Hello guys i just got DoI and i really like it so far but i have used a mod in my old cod days on my realism servers and i think a mechanic like that would be awesome for this game.

When shot dead the weapon in hand drops to the ground but if you want to get more ammo ect you need to search the dead body by pressing F when near and then you can rip the dead body from all ammo/grenade's ect.

I think i would add alot more tactical play to the game because you can't just pick and run and gun with only one mag you need to search a body first. And alot of fun moments just like i had back in the day on my servers.

Just a suggestion but i think it would really fit this game.

Greatings RoekeloosNL
If this is possible it would be great.
I believe the grenade that was lastly selected by the player drops when he is killed. As for weapons you can pick them up with the F key (default)

Now for the body searching for more ammo for your ammo type. This may be a cool PERK for the Machine Gunner class as he could be seen as the "Johnny On The Spot" type class. Another cool thing may be that instead of pressing F on a player to give him ammo you press another key to drop a physical ammo box. To make the MG class more "cooler" I guess. :-D

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