I like how some of the weapons have been fixed, such as the recoil and ammo of the MG34 and the removal of the silly 40-round "C96 M1932" magazine.
However the changes to classes leave a lot to be desired.
This post would mainly point out things in the coop settings, as I don't play much PvP. Aside from beta changes I would also include my personal wishlist.

The StG-44 has been removed from the Support class and has been given to the assault class for a mere 8 points. Previously it had a asymmetric counterbalance to the BAR and Bren by being a more mobile high-capacity weapon, but more importantly, it was limited simply by the small support pool. It has as of now been given to the most populous class in game, and a mere 8 point barrier can be overcome simply by playing the objectives like any sane person should and would.
You could argue it's only right that good players be rewarded with the ability to get better gear, but it shouldn't come at the cost of balance if everyone's going to be capable of running StGs.

"C96 M1932"s
Removing it from the engineer was a terrible choice that left the engineer who absolutely no option for CQB when compared to the other contemporaries. 

M1 Garands
As of now classes such as the Comms and Engineer are stuck in a awkward spot where they can only equip M1903A3s. This should be upgraded to include the M1 Garand. If they are truly specialised riflemen as the game seems to want to represent them as, they should rightfully have the standard issue rifle.

M1918A2 BARs
The fact that you need to pay supply points just to use a BAR's factory bipods is all the more serious now since all its contemporaries have bipods by default. If it's that important to have that trivial element of customisation at least have it on by default, and make it free to remove. Or better yet, put a cost on removing them to punish players who purposely reduce their weapon's functionality.

M1 Carbines
Why are they in the rifleman's arsenal? Did the US Rifleman ever need anything new apart from their current equipment?

Ithaca Model 37s
Adding them to the radio was a bad mistake that now means that 7 out of the 8 members of the team can now equip a shotgun. 
The current implementation is already problematic with how common one of the easiest weapons to use is. It's a powerhouse like the StG and should be limited as such. I would propose limiting it to only the engineer, and that includes removing it from both the assault and radio classes.

Scopes on rifles should be compulsory with the entire package being the total cost of the rifle and the scope. This leaves no room and no excuse for kit abuse since players can no longer remove their scopes to be incompetent riflemen. If they really are better with iron sights they should take a class that doesn't need it.

German Pistols
Nuff said, as of now there are 4 pistols that do exactly the same thing. I hope they'll be fixed, as I'm sure NWI wouldn't spend this much time and effort adding 4 clones in.

Iron Sight options
Do they really need to be officer exclusive? The officer does not specially need them to function properly, he's not strictly a frontline class and he also does a lot of supportive work over just shooting at Jerry. It's more of a mismatch of attachments that would greatly benefit other classes. Besides, these sights are usually more historically accurate, especially regarding the M1 Carbine. Just make them open to all classes that use those weapons.
Hey Blackout. I agree with your balancing thoughts and don't fancy my chances against a whole squad of StG-44s!

to date, I've enjoyed the tweaks that have been made to the classes but feel that the commonwealth can be a little underpowered at times. I suppose it forces us to get better with a bolt rifle!
M1 garands back to the officer class! and G43 back to the German Rifleman. I thought those were pretty solid and Im kinda sad it was taken out :/ great game!
(29-01-2017, 15:32)Revere Wrote: M1 garands back to the officer class! and G43 back to the German Rifleman. I thought those were pretty solid and Im kinda sad it was taken out :/ great game!

G43 for the rifleman classes essentially clogged the game full of G43s in the alpha build. It wasn't fun when both teams practically played out identically. Besides, the G43 is presumably one of the best rifles in this game.
I never noticed the G43 being overused, but fair enough in a way. I feel the sights and the recoil for the rifle make it much harder to use than the Garand, im not suggesting a change on the guns.

The rifles for the Officer Classes seemed fitting. I was sad when it was taken out. overall.

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