Hello there fellow players,

Recently I've started a new project called "Operation Arctic Fox". As some of you might know this was an operation carried out by the German Forces in Finland during WW2 to push back Soviet forces and was part of the Winter War. For more information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_...Background

This actually does not fit the current DOI army outfit, since there are no Russian forces as of yet. BUT, as you can read in this thread (https://forums.newworldinteractive.com/thread-6299.html) there might be a mod coming our way. 

Anyways, here are some screenshots!

1) Salla village (objective A)
2) Kayraly Lake (objective B)
3) Alakurtti (objective C and radio)

[Image: TPia69z.jpg]
[Image: YB254wV.jpg]
[Image: VObE7cY.jpg]
Forest and Salla village

[Image: 3MkZplu.jpg]
[Image: ro4rNUb.jpg]
[Image: fE0KB1J.jpg]

Close-ups on the forest and village

[Image: a8xM2OK.jpg]
[Image: t5sVDAB.jpg]
[Image: HiKfIcN.jpg]
[Image: YZqGuwl.jpg]
[Image: nGyNaaY.jpg]
[Image: lvYdGAO.jpg]

looking good!
Nice layout and terrain! Love the subtle elevation on the last screenshot.

Can't wait to see this in rotation somewhere
Is there a place I could download this and try it out? Smile
Hey Butterstick,
not as of yet. I need to do some work still, before I can provide a download link Wink
Aiming for end of March.
hows the map coming?
Hello there! Well, the map's development did not progress as I wanted it to, but I did as much work as I could since those pictures. 

The first half of the map is done structure-wise. Lighting is missing completely.
The second half of the map is under construction and not done at all.

Here are some pics.

Surroundings of the trainstation
[Image: yHFHKgy.jpg]

Farm and entrenched forest
[Image: TtWcBHN.jpg]

Rough layout of the outskirts behind the trainstation
[Image: XWSB2vj.jpg]

Bridge and the town of Alakurtti
[Image: 6w47vzh.jpg]

I'll keep you posted but please be patient Smile

Input is always welcome.
looks nice HDKHH.
looking forward to talk again with you Big Grin
i love wintermaps.

Gz Martin aka Modtools

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