Will there be any more mechanic changes to the Machinegunner roll in DOI? Or mechanics in general?

Three mechanics I'd like to see added would be:
(accompanied by screenshots)

1. Check for rough estimate of magazine count.
Holding R will play an animation where you open the breach and check for a rough idea of how much ammo you have; "Magazine is Full" , "Magazine is half empty", "Magazine is near empty"

2. Crouching while the machine gun is deployed.
As of right now I think the Machine Gunner is very prone to being sniped by just about any gun in a heartbeat's notice. This would allow a machine gunner to also reload and or change barrel while in cover. (which goes to #3)

3. Barrel change outs.
If added, this could perhaps give reason to make the machine gun's spread of fire tighter, but shortening the amount of time the gun can maintain continuous bursts.
I would very much appreciate tighter spreads or less recoil on the machine guns in general.

Balance issues:
Like I mentioned before, I feel the machine gunner has a hard time surviving for very long after he's revealed his location with (at times) suppressing fire. If it's not a bazooka blowing you to smithereens, its the awkwardly timed rifleman who trained his non-scoped rifle in your direction and pops your head clean off.

Allowing a machine gunner to remain deployed while crouching for cover can improve the role's ability to maintain an area of suppression without dawdling with the deployment time of the gun repeatedly.

At the same time, this will let the machine gunner momentarily hide from any new comers who have yet to be suppressed. (This is where that awkwardly timed rifleman comes in)
They'll know a machine gun is setup down the road, but they won't be able to immediately spot it.

This goes without saying, this can make a machine gunner more difficult to kill if you don't have smoke or explosives, but this game certainly does not lack these counter devices.

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I like these ideas, specifically the crouch while deployed option. 90% of deaths as a gunner come from that mad-accurate rifleman taking successful pop-shots at you in under 2 seconds. I always find that once an MG becomes active, players will seek it out as a matter of priority. - Which is true to life, I guess.

The fact that you cannot iron site heavier MGs is a nice realism touch and keeps the balance by way of eliminating the Rambo type players from choosing that class.spray and prey players ruined other games for me in the past.

Leaning the balance for MG class is a tough one. If you make them too safe, they'll rule the maps, IMO. I don't think the Barrel change out is feasible as the mechanics are rather deep to implement. Putting in a Jam or overhead function is more achievable.

I like playing MG Class as it makes you think carefully about finding that good position to help your squad out. I do feel they're more vulnerable than other classes but such supreme fire power should come at a price.

1) Magazine Count - Cool idea, but not for me (rough guess in your head works)
2) Crouching while deployed - Yes Please, you can assess whether you pop up for another shot or decide to smoke out and run!
3) Barrel change-out - Again, cool feature but not easy for devs to implement. Opt for controlling bursts as it is or put in an overheat &/or Jam mechanic
I think all three of these suggestions are great and should be added to the game.

I hate running out of ammo when and picking up a gun with an unknown amount of ammo in it.
These suggestions have been made at least five times. As always, I agree completely, but I don't know if they will ever be added.

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