Greetings all,

We've all got a fairly colourful gaming history as individuals and I wonder what has got us all hooked on the Titles NWI have blessed us with in recent past.

Myself, started with Black Hawk Down as a competitor, concurrent to that I was always found playing Medal of Honor and CoD:UO before finding my feet with CoD2. I played countless hours and enjoyed a great community before Cod4 found its way onto my hard drive which was enjoyed as well. This is the turning point as the community started disbanding -  I lost interest once MW2 came out due to their dated p2p networking and mass commercial business model (paying for 3 maps and DLC when we had 100+ maps in rotation for CoD2!?)

As soon as Insurgency released I found my home again. All the features synonymous with the commercial kids games were cut out, and what we know and love brought back. Basic, Community Led, Tactical Shooter. Once DoI showed it's beautiful face my smile has not left!

Please share your thoughts and what path brought you to NWI.



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