hi guys
i like /love to play with the mps but not in this game! in my opinion the recoil of the thompson and the mp 40 is to too much!! and the ironsight dosnt make it better .its nearly impossible to shoot full auto..but with BAR and the stg 44 its pretty easy!please turn down the recoil !
Have you tried moving your mouse down slowly as well focusing on the target?
You should also fire in burst to control your aim.
>Day of Infamy
>high recoil
Choose one
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All SMGs regardless of calibre should be fired in short burst as their light weight will tend to send them flailing.

If you're on the front line, taking objectives you'll be close enough for a burst to have the desired effect. Going full auto at range is ill advised unless you are supressing for your buddies to make up some ground.

TL;DR: Control your trigger finger and choose distance target wisely
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I think is perfectly balanced with damage model. Imagine laser and one bullet death? Not too fun or realistic.

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