After playing the game awhile, I notice there are slightly more options for German and even UK engineers than US engineers as far as explosives go. I feel like US engineer should have one(well two in this case) additional option besides tnt, grenades, and bazooka. I suggest the m18 recoilless rifle. It could be 3-4 equipment points and have less blast radius and/or damage than the bazooka but similar range and still capable of breaking walls and the like.
Generally the m18 was mounted on a tripod for stable firing but could be shoulder fired.

As an additional option, there could be the m18 recoilless rifle that fires white phosphorus rounds instead of HE/HEAT as an additional option. This additional option shouldn't be too hard to add as it uses the exact same model of the m18, and white phosphorus smoke effect is already ingame so it can be done.

It would work well in providing more equipment options for US engineers vs German engineers, be relatively balanced, and give USA a sort-of counterpart to the panzerfaust(except damage/blast radius is sacrificed instead of range).

Here is an example of a shoulder fired m18
[Image: Soldier-firing-M18A1-recoilless-rifle-korea.jpg]

Example of tripod mounted configuration

[Image: M18_57mm_Recoilless_Rifle_pic1.JPG]
I would like to see a more accurate scoped bazooka. not sure about the phos rounds tho.
This would be really cool.
Can be nice
Just a woman from Argentina
I believe it would be a great addition to the game. They could give it an arc like the panzerfaust. It could have 1 to 3 rounds because it could be used more than once, unlike the panzerfaust.

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