The system of regroup deploy is breaking game balance for defenders cause not every player manage to fallback to deploy group. It seems really interesting but in fact it works bad. That make no men to defend object. Also mp40 seems really weak. DPS is not enough. If there any mistakes, sorry for my English.
I disagree, its not the mechanic being bad, its the people going for their kills instead of regrouping. Just votekicked some guy camping few metres next to the re-group area as last man standing...

So, whats needed is a proper hint/tip for regroup, maybe not as hint but as basic information for offensive in loading screen (that text, cap obj in alphabetic order etc).
[Image: 2MEKZ9N.png]

I quite like the deploy system, however it seems to me like the message just isn't getting across to most players. The system needs to grab them by the throat and say FALL BACK TO RESPAWN YOUR TEAMMATES OR LOSE THE GAME YOU FOOL!

I've had extremely tense and enjoyable victories as a defender, I've had some horrible "get-rushed-and-lose-within-15-seconds" matches.

Perhaps the answer lies in permanently tying communications to the commanding officer by allowing a CO/COM team to call for the reinforcement wave via radio. Or perhaps there could be a static radio on the map that, if destroyed, would force the players to have to run back for reinforcements now that the CO can't use it to radio for troops when needed. Obviously if there isn't a CO/COM guy available to do this you would run back to the respawn as normal.

Just some ideas to kick around, it's certainly a love/hate relationship with the fallback mechanic.
I liked that system to for it's new look but it's imbalabced. Most of the players don't regroup so a small number of people is doing that. It's just like one player run from point to point. But sometimes no one is doing that. You texted, you asked from micro but people ignore. And it takes a time to run from point to point. Hope it will be fixed somehow.

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