1024 x 768, will there be improvements to the user interface in the future to optimise this resolution?

I like squeezing FPS out of my poor little 770 GTX and the scoreboard looks funky at times. Plus, the new "Profile" area.

Happy to help if needed!
My GTX 770 4gig vram paired with a I7 4790K @ 4.8ghz absolutely slaughters Insurgency on a 3440x1440 monitor. It's not the card holding you back, it's your CPU... Keep the 770...overclock or replace the CPU...

I have no plans to replace either one of the two 770's I have...one is in the wifes Insurgency rig...paired with an AMD 6350 @ 3.9ghz and flawless...

Hope this helps you...in future decisions...
Thanks for the reply, Pudfark!

Funny you ask about my CPU. I have a 4790k (with 8GB of 1333mhz RAM, surely the game can't be a bottleneck?) as well haha!

Mine is the 770GTX 2gb card though (pretty sure they made a 2gb and 4gb)? I generally thought the game was more graphics hungry.

What FPS are you getting if you do net_graph 1 in console? (before you ask, I have vsync turned off).
On the Steam in game FPS counter I get 300-200 and on the Workshop map 'Bridge' sometimes as low as 65 FPS.  Of course, vsync is off.  I use only FXAA and no other AA of any type.  I don't use scopes, so that is set on lowest.  Never ever use soft particles. Also I run Nvidia Control panel with a simple profile there, dedicated to Insurgency.

My oldest son...nearly 40 years old...uses an FX 8350 @ 4.4ghz and a GTX 570HD and he gets over 200 FPS and the same drops on 'Bridge' as I do.

My system RAM is 16gig of 2400mhz type.... I very much believe/know that if you crank your 4790K up past 4.4ghz...you'll be flying.  Smile

I've built ten systems to play Insurgency for my little group...they range for AMD APU 7850K/7870K's and running on the IGFX to the latest a Intel 6600K and a GTX 970...all run this game perfect in terms of FPS/smoothly....the APU's are the slowest at +100FPS to 35ish on Bridge.  All displayed on 1920x1080 or better monitors.

The secret to a good Insurgency rig is CPU horsepower/speed.  Not so much GFX...shoot, a GTX 750Ti will run circles around this game...hope this helps
Hmmm, I get 220-300fps ingame - I use fps_max 300, just so it's a bit more stable.

I'll treat myself to some more RAM as well, as this will only make my PC better combined with the CPU and probably handle DOI better if it's more CPU hungry compared to graphics.

I have the turbo mode enabled, so when that's pressed before gaming I'm running at 4.4ghz instead of 4ghz during normal useable.

I'll stop moaning about 1024 x 768 and up DOI to my native resolution and see what happens. Will be nice being able to admire the prettyness of the game hahaha. Also, being able to see my K/D on the scoreboard (couldn't on 1024x768).

Thanks for responses and have a lovely Christmas!
Merry Christmas to you and yours. Smile

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