I was never one to propose speeding up the frequency of game updates. To me it’s better to have time devoted to making updates stable and playable so that less time is spent hotfixing the mess, which in turn leaves more time and resources for new updates. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast, right?

But this isn’t the case when the entire game is about to get completely revamped and changed to ways we didn’t expect. And when it’s all it’s in one single package.

As of now Day of Infamy is seeing really massive changes so big that a good word for it is “overhaul”. Revamped maps, reworked class mechanics, new weapons and new weapon handling stuff, new gadgets right down to new TF2-esque gimmicky class boosts. But the problem is that it’s all in the beta, and is wildly different from vanilla.
The way Insurgency did it was that each update had a specific theme in mind. There was an update for UIs. An update for weapons and animations. And update for maps. For gamemodes. Sure there would always be other stuff packaged in them (such as those animation updates and bug fixes and minor map alterations) but we all know the main point was that one aspect was new and we can easily change and adapt to new things with time. In fact I’d say the game is pretty different from what it used to be when I first started playing, but it is fine since I was given time to shift.

But this radical overhaul changes everything. It leaves no time for players to adjust. The only way is to constantly update your game and to be there for every community test so you’ll know what to expect in the upcoming game (from what I’ve seen changes in beta usually mean it’s more or less finalised by the devs and we can’t expect them to go).

But not everyone has the time to do that. I for one can’t be expected to play at 3.00am my time on the weekday, but that’s to be expected. If you were to drop the entire thing as a Christmas package it’ll be a rude shock to the countless other players who don’t opt into beta and suddenly find themselves playing a new game overnight. Think of Payday 2 suddenly becoming a single player RTS, or if War Thunder suddenly removed all their planes and threw you into futuristic galactic combat.

Beta is so wildly different from vanilla that it seems that the developers were so eager to try new things but neglected the vanilla branch where the majority of players are.  I can no longer bring myself to join a vanilla game since I know everything I thought I was buying would change overnight one day, and that it may as well be better to let the update drop and then join it like I’m trying a whole new game from scratch.

So please NWI, ambition is great, but it’s better to trickle it in as gradual content updates. At least let us acclimatize. Or bring this game back to the time not so long ago when everything felt easier and simpler, with less clutter and less crazy new mechanics that seem to 'fix what's unbroken'.

I don’t regret buying this game to support, in my opinion, one of the most active and best developers, but I may be starting to regret buying this game for what I expected it to be, the slow familiar Insurgency feel adjusted to WWII with the right mix of gameplay and realism Insurgency attained. A part of me feels resigned since I already knew that EA games are subject to change and rarely represent the final product, but I still hope it doesn’t have to be this way.
You bought a game in early access, now in BETA stages. The game will be changing, constantly, visually or mechanically. Sometimes a release will cause issues as it's impossible to detect and compensate for every variable.

Now is the time for the creators to release things and see what users like ourselves think. I personally love the fact the game keeps changing, I'm excited to load the game to see what new cool features have been added.

I really dislike the weapon selection screen, the old one was much better.
The problem is that the change is too rapid. We aren't given much time to adjust to what the devs want the game to be and are suddenly made to play practically a whole new game.
Even Ortona Stronghold my favourite map got bastardised and butchered overnight.

I'm asking for more frequent gradual updates in lieu of an overhaul rather than an outright sudden change.
- I must say that the new way to choose weapons is much better, but if we keep the teams in the same corners its being more consistent.

- About the map changes - I do like that the maps are being modified to work better and that is the way it shell be in beta.
But some "old" versions of maps would be great to have for a community when its getting boring to run the same maps over and over in the future.
So I would suggest that it should be possible to use old beta-maps, maybe in some easy-understanding name and number, so everybody understand what map is on such servers.
I like the overall gameplay changes. Its solid

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