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Hi there,


I'll be coordinating a test cup for Insurgency as we have received a fair amount of requests on our forums along with what I can see is community wanting to play competitively as well as maybe introducing the game on our pug system (ESL Versus).


As you will probably expect I am quite a novice at the game and am just getting to grips with things although my past with FPS games is extensive ranging from CS - BF. Regarding the gameplay I see that there are already some competitive matches happening. I would like your feedback as to what the rules should include... whether the game should be left as pure as possible with the exception of content under development or not yet balanced - ready for competitive play. Along with content that should be barred I would like to know what game modes you enjoy playing, I see there are a wide variety and want to know whether you'd like to go down the classic route or otherwise.


A 6v6 strike cup would be nice but suggestions are also appreciated and will be accepted.

I look forward to hearing from you and working together in the near future.


Best Regards,


ESL Global Games Coordinator



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Good idea  Smile


Competitive mode  <span>example</span>:


strike,  2 x 6 or 2 x8 rounds , win limit 7  or 9



Firefight !

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Hi !

Nice idea, all competitions were on firefight, i would appreciate an other mode, like strike, why not.

6v6 is a good idea too, but i hope i will be able to find 6 players (it's already hard to find 5 players....)

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The game is catching on in Europe, we need the help of ESL!
Firefight and the ladder strike, it may be a good initial solution!
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This team play firefight "!


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Firefight, no point for other game modes, there is a reason why firefight is played competitively, and why others are not.

Until they release 2nd working game mode for competitive firefight should be the only played mod.

Look all I am going to say is this. Thier is a STRONG reason why strike is on the "least played" side, for INS total AND for competitive.

MANY changes have been asked and asked to make strike competitive and no work was done to help, so as of now strike is Non competitive.

oh you can try it all you want. but it falls short of anything that can last.

even FF has issues but its the only mode that has lasted for competitive. any other mode has either failed or is untested.

AtraX eSports can bring 2 teams for firefight !!!


For strike idk ...

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Firefight!!! It's the better competition mod for now!!

Better than what?

Have you ever tried push in a scrim?

You guys only play FF all the time... push is as intense as FF just with more tactical differences imo. Noone plays nightmaps in FF, but in Push it would be cool to have them. So why wont we just try a push cup?! We already had plenty of FF cups/ladders, we know how it plays. SO LETS TRY SOMETHING ELSE NOW!


How else will devs bring some other comp mode out or do good changes to existing modes?!?!


I vote for a push league, if its FF than I will just stay at dgl - and I know iam not the only one there.



btw, I think there might be some more people coming together to form a team, because push is more n00bfriendly than FF.



You want FF, I want push --> lets try this out: http://www.playinsurgency.com/forums/top...ea+%2Bpush



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I also like dogs::mr.pink, don't get why some ppl force FF as one and only choice, rly. This mode is most camping and boring mode for this kind of event. Reason? - there is no task for any team/side, simple waiting and waiting for enemy, who will make first move and who will make first mistake or simple say: I have enough this never ending waiting...


We need mode which have task for each side, like: Strike, Flashpoint or Push - in this mods players need to fight from the begining, they can't wait, they need to do something otherwise they lose game. And more importand, those mods are much more expressive <span>for viewers</span> and adverts.





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30 clans in dgl play FF. This is the reason becouse FF it's the best mode. Esl can make 2 ladders: ff and push, or ff and strike.

This is my opinion
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Well NA teams prefer playing 1life, thats how it was since Alpha Big Grin But there are some EU clans that also like to play / prefer respawnbased modes, especially push, which was/is the typical INS mode (if played on the right maps).

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