I believe I forgot to mention this when I took my DoI Survey, so I am mentioning it here.

Explosives in this game are just bad. Most of the time I run into rooms I get killed by some random persons grenade or some bullshit artillery that landed near a window. (Please pardon my language I'm not really mad I'm just trying to convey a point)

Everywhere you go you either get blown up by grenades, TNT, or rockets. Now I'm not saying this is bad but I believe that the Engineer class who carries the rocket should be limited to 1 in a team. NOT 1 PER SQUAD. No, 1 per team.

I've noticed in the betas the complete class overhaul and that support/engineer are only 1 player each (Not sure about engineer but I know support is 1 player)

Just like the STG, it is a very overpowered gun and should only be given to support class and not assault. 2 STG's in a team, that's fine.

Back to explosives. The way they work in this game is terrible, maybe its the source engine but grenade ranges are just too damn high, I'll be playing MG and a grenade pretty damn far off in the distance will cause my player to take damage because the land was flat??? That's kind of stupid. I think damage and radius for grenades should be tweaked.

Rockets/TNT could be left highly explosive as they are as they should be a 1 class thing, (rocket only engineer as well as TNT)

But in general just fix how grenades work and their radius in this game. If you agree with what I've said or see something where I went wrong please let me know. Thanks, I love this game and I really want to enjoy it even more with out getting blown up by some stray grenade that landed in an opposite building to mine (exaggeration lol)
Dont "just" run into rooms and don't stay on the same location too long either are other ways to het around "your" problems. Explosives are great anti-camping tools.
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(15-12-2016, 11:02)Klauwhamer Wrote: Dont "just" run into rooms and don't stay on the same location too long either are other ways to het around "your" problems. Explosives are great anti-camping tools.

My point was that explosives are too common in a 16v16 CLOSE QUARTERS combat game. Its Infantry based, I mean Panzerschreck used in a room for 1 or 2 guys? You know? I mean Bazookas and things would be perfect for tanks but the game does not feature any. Like I said, explosives should be kept in the game but they should be kept to a minimum. As to not spam them all over the place.

Not only that but explosives and how they work in this game, is just bad. Like someone before mentioned in an older post its based on line of sight rather than proximity and I cant help but agree.

Explosives are either way to huge or way to common. I want to be able to walk a couple of feet without getting torn by artillery ontop of rockets ontop of TNT charges ontop of stupidly wide ranged hand grenades ontop of overpowered STG's. You know what I mean?

I hope I am not the only one who notices these kinds of things?

Like I mentioned I do like this game a lot. But these are the things that bother me.
I can ensure you explosives are based on both line of sight as well proximity.

Anyway, i dont see the problem with the ammount of explosives. Actually, i believe explosives allow for much more creativity instead of "plain" gunplay which mostly boils down to ordinary run n gun gameplay.

Ps. Ever watched band of brothers, the ardennes episodes?
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I agree to the point of Spam. Especially with that supplygain added, people get the mass of supplies invested in explosives. Iam still no fan of the "carrier doubles #1 explosive slot"-idea. Same with the Classes. Engineer should be in Support squad only. Also unlimited RiFlegrenades due to unlimited rifleman classes and supplygain are a spamfest. May not be like that now, because low playerbase etc... but lateron it will definately be! Its quite easy to learn the angle for e.g. dog red to spam bunkers/US cover with riflegrenades...

Also the STG is OP, there is just nothing to discuss about. It should (like current beta) be definately only in the support class - in addition, the fg42 in there, so people have to choose from those high end assault rifles.

I also agree to the Artillery mentioned. I did not experience it yet, but once the officer class is settled and a veteran 2 man team (radio/arty) will spam the **** out of chokepoints. With more guys knowing how to do it, the map will be loaded with OFF-Map explosives.
But this is a problem of current squadlayout. I was about to suggest something there, just have yet not got the time to bring it up. 2 officers per team is 1 too much imo Smile

This is not about camping, but about the fact, that most of the maps are (like in insurgency) too crowded for 16vs16 play without explosive spam. Sure, this is different in coop mode, but hei... hrm... coop Big Grin
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Thanks for all your replies guys, all I'm saying is we need to reduce the frequency of explosives in this game.

And maybe the radius too.
The radius is fine in my opinion. Your example up there about effect of a nade explosding on open/flat ground is rather positive than negative. Its the engine that limits gameplay there. And maybe the fact that there is no real health but a not hurt/oncehurt/dead effect. But this is what this game stands for, so I can live with it. On the other hand, there is nothing more frustrating than a grenade exploding one meter close to an enemy not killing him Smile
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I think mr. pink brings up a good point, explosives are mainly this overpowered and overused because the maps have become way more close range.On maps like dog red most of the time you don't get killed by explosives unless you play in places like the bunkers which people prefire with rockets.
If there were some room on maps (instead of only 1-3 lanes to push) I think it'd be a lot better. This is why I'd suggest less explosives per person and maybe no explosives for some classes to tone it down a bit as long as the maps are this tightly packed.

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