As you can see in the following picture: official maps have a nicely formatted name in the map voting end round lobby. In this example we see the official map is Verticality (Checkpoint) while a custom map is Fortress_coop_beta5.

[Image: 2016_12_08_13_34_42_INSURGENCY.png]

I have browsed through the vpk files with the Insurgency installation folder and the individual map bsp files. I did not see any obvious place where the map name was being set. Within the map bsp file the worldspawn lmp has a key-value of message-Verticality, but manually adding that key-value to a custom map did not change its name.

Right now the name shown to the user within the map vote dialog, the end round lobby and the TAB screen upper-right are all based on the custom map filename. I can change the name by changing the filename, but any filename with spaces will not be recognized even if I surround the filename in double-quotes within mapcycle_*.txt. I ran the following tests for my mapcycle always having the filenames matching the map entries.

GoldenEye_Facility checkpoint      //This works because it does not have spaces or double-quotes.
GoldenEye Facility checkpoint      //Map entries containing spaces are ignored.
"GoldenEye Facility" checkpoint    //Double quoted map entries are ignored.
verticality_coop checkpoint

Does anyone know where the official maps get their formatted names from?
Does anyone know how to set the custom map filename without changing the filename of the bsp, nav and txt files?

Update 1
I found where the nice map names are set. Open insurgency_misc_dir.vpk in GCFScape. The file /root/resource/insurgency_english.txt contains the official map file names and their nicely formatted names.

[Image: 2016_12_08_16_06_28_GCFScape_insurgency_misc_d.png]
Editing this file to contain some testing map name changes has not worked to have the new name displayed. This is the structure of the file:
    "Language"     "English"
        // Maps
        "fortress_coop_beta5"            "Fortress (Checkpoint)"

And an actual snippet containing the official map names and my tried change:
"verticality_survival"            "Verticality (Survival)"
"verticality_outpost"            "Verticality (Outpost)"
"training"                "Training Warehouse"

// Localized custom map names
"fortress_coop_beta5"                   "Fortress (Checkpoint)"
"frequency_coop"                        "Frequency (Checkpoint)"

The methods I used to try to change the map names:
  • Edited insurgency_english.txt, repacked only that file (retaining directory structure) into a new vpk, uploaded the vpk to the workshop, had my dedicated server subscribe to the workshop item.
  • Edited insurgency_english.txt, repacked insurgency_misc_dir.vpk, overwrote insurgency_misc_dir.vpk on the dedicated server.
  • Edited insurgency_english.txt, repacked insurgency_misc_dir.vpk, overwrote insurgency_misc_dir.vpk on the client side (server enforcing consistency error).
  • Edited insurgency_english.txt, created the resource/ directory, and uploaded the text file to it (server and client side tried).
  • Created a separate /resources/mapnames.txt, uploaded the file to the dedicated server and the client.
None of these methods worked. I'd prefer to simply create a new file containing the lang > tokens key-values I showed above, but I'm not sure how to get the game to parse and include my new key-values.

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