Hey there fellas,

So, I have only recently picked up Insurgency, but realism games have been my go to for almost all time (Arma, RO). And I want to say that I really enjoy Insurgency. Great work.

First off, I know you guys are working on a few new games, but this isn't even a new feature to be added, but just an availability tweak, so I figure it would be easy and worthwhile to sneak into the old game.

The 2X Red Dot, isn't a 2X Red Dot, but a standard Red Dot with a 2X magnifier slapped on behind it (Mr. Obvious, right?). And the magnifier, IRL, can be swung out of the way for CQB and realigned for longer range engagements.

Further more, the magnifier, IRL, is also compatible with the EOTech sight, in INS, the Holographic Sight. I myself am not sure if it works with the Kobra Sight, but it probably does.

So, here goes: let's remove the 2X Red Dot, and add, as a subset for compatible sights, a 2X magnifier. So, for example, you spend one resupply point on a EOTech. Then, you can choose to throw in one more, to get a magnifier. So, you are spending one point for the sight, and you can spend an additional one for longer range capabilities.

Now, the other catch is this: we should add the function, with its own keybind, to 'Switch Sight Mode'. When you activate this function with the magnifier equipped, you will swing it in line with the sight to give you a longer range edge, and hit the key again to swing it back off center to give you your 1X sight for close quarters. 

Since this would be available to everyone, and is user controlled, and since people already snipe form across the map with a standard Red Dot alone  Tongue, I think that this kind of feature would bring a lot of well assimilated flavor to engagements, giving you a realistic choice between 1X for CQB, and a little more zoom for down Sinjar.  Big Grin
Yep, I made an SM plugin that simulated this (badly). It'd be a very useful feature.

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