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I love Insurgency, which, to me is the perfect mix of realism and fast paced FPS, and really enjoy playing it like Arma- With a team, and exaggeration on teamplay and realistic playstyles.

Anyways, you guys need to add in some sort of after match recording, with a freeform camera and/or spectating from a player's (Or AI) point of view. (Like the newer 'Cods')

Also, while the AI seem to work well as a team with AI, but so well with a player. You should make the instant commands (Or Radial without a keybind) work with the AI.

Perhaps add in more weapons for more of the countries involved in the War on Terror. For example, the British. However, this would imply 'Security' as US and 'Insurgents' as any number of terrorist organizations. Also perhaps some 'Special Operations' weaponry. I'd like to use a vanilla M4A1 Block II. (It would be just like the M4A1, but perhaps make it more modular, which would allow for more attachments, like an angled grip, allowing for faster ADS movement.)

Also, while the game has a bipod for stabilization, I think that players should be able to stabilize without a bipod, with perhaps 25% stabilization of the bipod, or maybe 35%. (Note: the bipod stabilizes your weapon a lot, and I don't want to make them useless)

Thanks for reading!

Also, DOI is better than the mod!

Which reminds me, CAS would be an interesting addition in Insurgency... Either add in a FAC operator or give the ability to Specialist and the leader. (Note: the Specialist will have to be bumped down from leader in Alpha team)
Also, for balancing purposes, give the Insurgents the ability to set traps pre-game, and make it so the IEDs will only detonate with at least 4 people near it. They can place 5, and perhaps get a ten second head start vs. Security.

Also, more attachments in general.

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