Hi, I would like to know please whether or not Insurgency Sandstorm will have the following:

1) The ability to change the zoom in the scope of sniper rifles.

2) The ability to adjust the sniper scope according to the shooting distance.

3) The ability to deploy the bipod of sniper rifles (I think the game already has this).

4) Long distance maps, ideal for snipers. 


5) Wide variety of sniper guns.

6) Machine gun in the apache choppers and black / white vision.


7) Fighter jets.

8) Assault rifles like the typical M16, M4, etc.

9) Graphics as good as Battlefield 1 in PS4.

All in all, I think many people (including me) expect to see the first 'Arma' in PS4 / Xbox One. I believe that the more similar Insurgency is to Arma, the higher number of copies will be sold. 

Most people cannot afford neither to buy a NASA pc nor to change its processor and graphics card every two years. 

What do you think about all this?

PS.: Please feel free to add more recommendations, suggestions, advices, etc.. for the game.
You should play squad, lots of stuff doable there and pretty neat graphics.

Personally I dislike almost all of the points, except the obvious one (nr. 8). I do not need vehicles, choppers, jets, various sniper rifles. There are plenty of games out there that feature that kind of stuff. Insurgency wont be Insurgency again with your suggestions added.

Also, in my opinion a game does not need bf1 graphics. Sandstorm wont have such awesome graphical effects I guess. The question is, what do you do with those graphics? Battlefield uses the graphics to blow everything up with their arcade gameplay. Its more cineatic than tactical.. still I know people that wank over such stuff. Not needed for Insurgency imo, even Source is fine. Chess has crappy graphics, wow only 2 colors given. Still its one of most strategic/tactical games out there Smile

But I guess NWI will follow capitalism:
Sell more copies, there for make the game more "standard". The best games out there are definately NOT the ones with most sales Sad
[Image: 2MEKZ9N.png]

Wide variety of sniper guns is synonymous with wide array of cancer.

Why are you such a sniperphile? Pleasse don't tell me you are a bush wookie.

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