Hi. Now, in all modes, players rush like meat under the bullet to capture the point.
This game have hardcore shooting system, but game modes like quake.

Is there a possibility to add hardcore game modes?

My vision:
Round time: 10min
Life: one
Mission: defeat of capture the base or kill all enemies
Check out my server;

* 10min round check
* One life check
* Even more hardcore systems (shot, bleed and first aid system, slowed down movement speeds and lots more)
* Custom assymetrical game mode, vip elimination where the vip needs to be escorted and protected to the enemy weapon cache to blow it up while a smaller insurgent team needs to protect it or take out the vip.
* Teamplayers using voip comms

Each sunday evening we get together to play, for more information:
SO Tactical Teamplay server - Realism mod

Ps, here you can find the mod i have developed specially for my server and the way we like to play;

No need to install, will be auto installed once you join the server.
[S.O.] Tactical Teamplay server (Search and Destroy - Realism mod) -
Thanks, i will try you server Smile
But i want that my message reached by developers Smile
Hey great! Cu soon then Smile

The devs are aware the game is not that hardcore, and that it is mix of some hardcore systems with what i call with all respect cod gameplay (run n gun). The game in its current shape appeals to more players i guess then a more hardcore or realistic game. Hence the existence of some realism mods like mine. Anyway, for a full, proper hardcore and realism shooter, check out http://www.groundbranch.com
[S.O.] Tactical Teamplay server (Search and Destroy - Realism mod) -

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