So, Mikee told me to post my feelings about compete here. Because a lot of more experienced players want to see DGL theater as official one, I don't want to talk about it, and other major changes.

Right now there is something wrong with comp that can be fixed by devs in 1-2 hours I guess. I assume it's a bug by putting wrong values in server configs.

1. Point limit is 4, it's too short for a match, bring back MR5 like it was before.
2. Because of point limit 4, for no reason, players are switching sides every 2 rounds. tbh It woudn't be a big problem, but because of economy system, it's useless right now because earned supply points are resetting when teams are swapped.
3. Remove skirmish and ambush and "somehow" bring back(maybe, maybe not) when you will build proper class setups. Right now it's just a pub game. Seeing Sapper with grenade launcher is not funny to play on competitive level.

That's it, no more. things to change it easily.

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