Dear NWI Team, dear forum mates,
finally after some weeks of work i got my map westwall working.
This map is a completely  new made map, no rebuild or inspiration.
So here it is.
The story is based on the push of some US and Commonwealth Forces over the Siegfriedline (german also known as westwall).
In Contrast to the most other maps made in source sdk i tried to get some free "open" world feeling.
The layout is based on some plans, photos and some tours i made in my region (i live in the old westwallregion).
There are 3 defense lines.
* dragon teeth (antitank polygones line) and barbwire
* light mg and scouting bunkers, first antitank guns batteries
* heavy fortifications and artillery

There are some Keyareas:
* a B-Werk (Bollwerk) some heavy bunker fortification sometimes equipped with certain flamethrowers, mgnests, and spottingglobes build out of kruppstahl.
* a military camp with radiotower and some baracks for the crew of the bunker line
* some waycrosses
* some abandonned houses
* a radar station
* and so on....
try to discover all hidden details :-) sometimes they will give you some advantage [Image: emot_razz.gif]

At the moment only multiplayer modes are supported:
*(perhaps) frontline
DOWNLOAD / SUBMISSION LINK: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...=790043442

The Briefing: (i think its everytime the absolute gimick if you get some infos soldiers would get before the real battle Big Grin)
Soldiers today we will bring the war to germany. But between us and german grounds is one of the heaviest fortifications mankind ever saw - the siegfriedline. Also the german "oberkommando" is preparing an conterattack. The Panzergrenadiers and some Panzerdivisions are concentration their forces right behind this area.
Our mission is to bug and sabotate the preparations of the german counterattack. Also if possible our secondary mission is to liberate the area and beat an aisle into the german defense which will allow us to push deeper into enemy territory.


and now some nice pictures

[Image: 0190448AF2404739D05332C552061611CF8B8A5D]
[Image: 82ACE7439FF73542202F20E57C410031CD229C85][Image: 57A0BD46400A925B663920465675FA8B53F392A9][Image: 3359A2A6F68826ED1EAA6C1B6069CADA7CAB2E95][Image: 9DD98F6E94D02D57E87C71676D5E9FFEFEB1FCE2][Image: B2B62F6E92A271798C016E3E20F031B23073A176][Image: A8C6CDDA36A73CC34233DEAB488A8126B24887E2][Image: 8DB8987DCD7D7029C7F4C4E903BAB9B2597CCA30][Image: 52951C991FF33C993208D3124D71920EAEFEECFA]
[Image: 1A186080A424C8B581D098449C09271270C83733][Image: 0A2F5BCF51CE50BE7AD0389ECA0ADE179FAE02AE][Image: F9C17E4F03C6D000AC240DB1ADE9EAD6C7AFDCF8][Image: 2896A8609B96AAED52B220E8E1CB6E7BBA317941][Image: 08B5342F129CADE297B672A7CC7CBFE7934C9784][Image: 17B7C0DDB978CA4EBE23D9DDD4ABE2A029618915][Image: AF0D0CC79E325BA1C2D1C950590744A448E624CD][Image: 48682EC4E44F1613F8E65ECBCFA7AC14D5DF8D74]
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Well done man. It looks really nice.  Heart
Will COOP be available soon or just multiplayer only ?  Huh
#BUGs and known issues

*atm poor optimization caused by the open character of the map

(manifesting in low FPS rates in some areas)

*perhaps balance issues in gameplay


*optimization (perhaps solvable via func_occlude, portals, fade distances,...)

*balance tweaks

*some more detailing

*perhaps more blocked areas.

*adding coop modes

*adding minimap

and so on


i think its somewhere between prealpha and beta

@ masterbaiter: yeh coop is in work
In case you haven't seen this:

thx for the link Big Grin
i will take a look on it
-navmesh updated
-visual design (lighting,fog,viewdistance)
-more details
-terrain smoothing
-cappoints and spawn layout changed
-try of optimization
-raised the skybox more
-enabled beaver plugin [Image: emot_smile.gif]

and now the screenshots
[Image: CC2C65B738085E7039D398E751F21175BD5F3E1A]
[Image: 573F4A5DBE566C5EB9593C4390624CA346CDD591][Image: 5960490CB7E4E6DA1DECFC008AD7D47374EDA54E][Image: 4488F56127E6309721ED739554BF58C26B589AE2][Image: 0929F1EC2EED2BF5E3AC3FC4D0E2915A834671DF][Image: DBFB1799CF221E281506F13A5DFF8E6D3C7064FF][Image: 69EDD0580780DB7031352FD19F5F7B6215E089E8][Image: 957A403D96565962D1AB43AB48B511B238B5AC68][Image: 760698C5340F171EBDCB02C5139C65BB1ED1E8A7][Image: 2E48519D5101D8FAC45E3CE9F46FC76D1260A0A5][Image: 7A71CB975E716915A7771488E2C9842925897EE9]
Major visual and design update:
- added more athmospheric sounds
- added wind effects
- better groundtexture
- design change: very cold deep forest area
-added more hideouts more cover (especially on us side)

this is a workinprogress version:
working on:
- sabotage ; raid mode
- working on correction of stronghold and entrenchment mode
[screenshots are outdated atm]

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