You should split the options for the SL:


In the Radial Menue there should be additional commands like
  • Flank 9 o clock
  • Flank 3 o clock
  • Watch 9 o Flank
  • Watch 3 o Flank
... if a compass is implemented work with cardinal directions, N S E W.


..therefor you remove options like "smoke / explosives here" .. etc (hard to set the marker right when in close combat.. or maybe atleast add a shortcut for it).




The following commands would be useful to set on the tactical map on warmuptime / while dead. Like.. its 10 seconds to start on buhriz, Iam SL and set the following on the tactical map;
  • Smoke on the left flank / Supportfire (lmg) Left flank
  • Supportfire (DMR/Snip) right flank
as orders to obey.Now as soon as the round is live, I want icons ingame right at the locations I set them as SL in the tactical map.


Would be even more awesome, if I could set different tasks for the classes, like DMR / Sniper cover at point X, then for each DMR / Sniper the icon pops up.




Is that possible, and what do you think about it?




In general I think the SL and his Radial Menue should be THE important thing ingame. Its the skill of the SL to win/lose a round. Especially on Pushmaps, where coordinated attacks and coverfire is very important. If you disagree, just join a random public server (try NWI Germany.. these ones are good example) to see, that the bunch of ppl there are nothing without a leader.


I want it. Questions / critics / suggestions ?!

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everybody should be able to say "yes or no".

good ideas!


also messages should appear on the tactical map in a quickly comprehensible way (not like now when its even hard to find your own blip)


squad leaders should also be able to set waypoints on the tac map, best would be to have multiple waypoints to mark attacking directions.


right now its sometimes really hard to give orders because that makes you an easier target in most situations.

left click right click?


use one or other to set way points as alpha or bravo?

The warmup time should be used for communication about tactics and how to do it. Right now its just 10 seconds smalltalk and thats it. 

I enjoyed playing on a server few months ago, where the warmup time was about 25-30 seconds. Especially for push its useful to talk about what to cover, where to smoke, where to surpress.


SL sets up everything in the tactical map, to have visible icons ingame for all Squadmates as soon as the round starts. The radial menue for the SL should be cut down to combat commands like, Watch Flanks, Gogogo, Get up, Cease Fire, etc. Like it was in the mod, these commands where used very often ingame. Whilst the ones now are a pain in the ass when trying to aim for the right location to set a "use smoke here" you often get shot.
[Image: 2MEKZ9N.png]

hm.. would be nice to have some devs attention in here. is something like that planned? are you even still working on ins? :p

[Image: 2MEKZ9N.png]

devs seems to be onboard their submarine until the next bigger patch ETA unknown.

I can only support Mr. Pink in his request. That's exactly what the game need. =D

yea, dev input....i recall that.


pink i agreed with the op before you edited it but now i am not so sure.


i mean as sl i have the options to set way points to show people where i want them and the ability to show which area i want fired upon.


i just think everyone should be able to say yes or no and like the idea of a strat time.

- "Yes/No" for everyone

- "Hold position/Go in"*

- "Enemy at right/left flank"

- "Attack right/left flank"


*You should be able to point at a team mate and only address him with this command


Those commands would be very useful.


I didnt mean the radial menue should be only there for the SL. Everyone has it, or at least a slightly simplified version.

The radial menue as it is now, is not useful. Too many stuff you just cant set right without being shot before. The only thing that works fine is yes / no / spotting enemy.


to summarize;


Commands for everyone:

Yes | No

Hold Position | GoGoGo 

Cease Fire | Open Fire

Contact Right Flank | Contact Left Flank

Cover Me | Need Suppressive Fire


Commands for SL:

Yes | No

Hold Position | GoGoGo 

Cease Fire | Open Fire

Contact Right | Contact Left 

Attack Right | Attack Left 

Smoke / Explosives Right | Smoke / Smokes Explosives Left

Cover Right | Cover Left



Same commands for tactical map, but witht he ability to choose a class to adress and set the location on the tactical map.


The idea with pointing at the mate you mean to adress is nice, but might be as bad ingame as the commands "Smoke here" etc. Has to be tested.

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