Before everything sorry for the bad english i'm not native so.. 

 Once Upon a time a f2p game named Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, this game and Day of infame had a lot of similarities, probably because both have the same theme, WW2. Well i dont have the game yet but sooner definitely i'll, having in mind that i watched some gameplay e streams, here some of some content that could help the game development.


 I saw a video of the closed alpha on official youtube and a class of the radio guy and it caught my attention was impossible to me not feels kind of nostalgic so...I really think you guys could take some ideas from Wolfenstein Enemy Territory.

Classes of the game:

Fielder Ops (The radio guy) - First they had 2 types of call a airstrike.

1 - Use the binoculars and click to shoot and the aimed area suffer single explosions through a time like in the Day of infamy [In the case of Day of infame the leader could have a binoculars and do this?!]. 

2 - The other type of airstrike was the marker flares, A colored smoke for which serve as a beacon for the airstrike, the player throw the marker flares an invisible airplane fly overhead and drop a string of bombs perpendicular to the Field Ops' facing direction (in the moment of the throw not dynamic). The explosions are more quick, concentrated and kind deadly.

Obs.: The airstrike had a limit for player not spam if 1 guy request an airstrike when is happen one he hear the message "too many airstrike requested " or something like that. Other cool thing is when a enemy player lay on the colored smoke in a few seconds after being throwing the airstrike was cancelled, and if he used F they moved a little bit forward.

Covert Ops (The sniper) - The sniper had this weapons to choose Sten, FG-42, Silenced Scoped Rifle  (k43 for axis and m1 for allies) and as secondary Silenced Pistols. The special abilities of worth say here was.

1 - The steal uniform hold F ou Enter (use in general) you could steal the enemy uniform so there 4 ways of know if someone was a undercover guy really depended of the mod, first the weapon that guy used, second the skin color of the character and some mods showed the name of the guy that had the uniform stolen so if you was that you know that's not you, from oficial competitive mod the guy with stolen uniform don't showed a name above the head.

2 - The Satchel Charge, well this had some power to kill but in general it was used mostly to destroy some doors and command posts.

The Engineer - This guy was indispensable they fixed things like command posts, fixed machine guns, tanks etc etc.. but they have interesting abilities beyond the ability of fix things (and build some too).

1 - Landmines the team can see one little flag in the floor for the landmines and he had a short limit for this like 5 maybe for the entire map. (Only in competitive mod really the others mods are ridiculous, the counter to this little fuckers was the convert ops that could reveal/spot the landmines with his binoculous turn up a red little flag on the point, again the others mods everyone can do this besides with high level of revealing thoses they begun to see the transparent landmines in the floor, when they get really close, insted the enemy flag)

2 - Dynamites - It was mostly use for obj like gates, missiles etc.. the power seems like a c4 killing everyone around.

Oh of course the special weapon the riffle grenade (k43 for axis and m1 for allies).

The soldier had the ability to carry heavy weapons like pazerfaust, mortar (already have in DoI?), mg42 and with high level of soldier you could have guns like mp40 or thompson instead of pistols.

for the last the medic i don't think he have things to fit here but anyways his abilities was the health pack with he dropped in the floor and the syringe that could "revive" allies. 

I don't know but i think worth share this with you guys and please don't delete this i devoted so much time to write this.. I posted here cause i don't find a local to post suggestions. Peace Tongue

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