I won't be discussing the recent update here, I wanna talk about other improvements.

As we all know, Insurgency is an indie game. Among other things, it means the player base is limited. Now, if you want to play Competitive, you pretty often have to wait for a slot at one of the few full servers, or you can join an empty server, and hope for it to will fill in.

 Usualy it takes some time, but even one person on the server usualy lures more players to the game, and it wasn't once when one player joining server makes it full in 15 minutes.

Now, how to attract that one player to join an empty server? The answer is simple and already implemented in the game.


What about allowing bots into the warmup time? You see, I have 32 slot experimental server, and I have come into conclusion, that even 2-4 players can have a lot of fun, if you consider filling the gap with ins_bot_quota, which will as we know, refill the teams with bots until more people joins.

Another GREAT improvement would be refilling the slots when the game actualy started, in case a player leaves. If someone played the alpha for a while, he (or sometimes she) must have had that "F At CK" moment when the game restarts for the XX time because some random dude leaves making it 2v3 (again).

Now, I know there are some technical limitations to the solution. It takes a slot for every bot. If I add 16 bots on every side on my experimental server, on the list it looks like there is 1/1, so every bot takes one slot from the maximum available slot pool, as shown below:

[Image: 4f55f08b41f54dcbb4a8be467004a7f2.png]
*i know theres a typo, nevertheless...

And this will propably mean that if we want this solution to be applied, we need to consider more slots required for a competitive server. How would you make people to put a little more effort (or money ^^) to theservers?

Allow the community to create ranked servers! Obviously that would take some requirerements on the both sides, but it was always the dedicated community that kept you guys going, creating such beautiful games. Let us feel we have the ability to shape the game with you, and it will benefit both, you and us.

 I mean, do we want to let the machine decide who is a good commander? Call me old fashioned, but I'm scared of that.

Aside from all that, I was pretty unhappy to find out that you guys removed the possibility of putting HTML into MOTD popups on the server. I know it was abused on vast minority of the servers, with all these annoying ADDs playing not only videos but sounds aswell, but back in february I was tinkering around with a community website that would be linked to the game, allowing people creating their Insurggent profiles and it was fun idea to follow.

[Image: 56E1627418FBBAF5883F471DB2FB5CEB42679617]

All the functionality, including posting and forums worked in the game's motd window, and it was pretty cool!

Just recently I've started working on this again. Would you consider allowing atleast SOME of the servers to use html? Is it even possible?

Now, to picturise my point on 3 players having fun on a 32 slot server:

[Image: FE23A41282A7284AAA8E78286664CD4289A612BC]

These dudes were playing on my server for about 3 hours till late night. They were new players, and they didn't have to spend 90% of the time spectating others. Big Grin

Possesable bots as a refill should be considered for all the servers imo. (if you can bypass that slot-taking issue somehow)

I propably forgot about one or two things I wanted to mention in this post, but once it comes back to me I will surely post it here.

Regards, Zeppelin.

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