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The update where you guys added the armor visuals on the characters was nice.


****4 rounds insted of 6 is too short.

****Not being able to pick AP bullets with AKM, MP5K, A4A1, AKS etc is too unbalanced since many use armor which is really OP if you dont have AP bullets.

****Ambush and Skirmish???? That doesn't belong in competetive scene. Firefight is what we want.

Basicly what I am asking the developers to do is, please switch back to the old insurgency like it used to be before the update. You can keep the armor visuals on the characters cause that is nice, but remove those 3 things I mentioned above. I'm 100% sure many people agree with me.

In the future please check with the competetive community in DGL, ESL, Reddit or Steam before you guys make such huges changes to the comp without knowing if we will like it or not.
Agreed, four rounds isn't enough especially with the new point system which to be honest I still don't understand..

What happened to the load-outs? No Makarov for Security now? Seems unnecessary to remove it. At the start of a game as ins assault I used to take an AKM, AP Ammo, and a flash, now all I can take is the AKM. Or as flanker I'd take an AKS, AP ammo, and a flash; now I can only take the AKS and a foregrip or a flash.

The available guns on each side seam to change depending on the map, such as sapper not having an AKS on Ministry, which is gonna make things pretty confusing.

I'm a little worried the basic removal of AP ammo as it is now will turn the game into something more like Battlefield, since there is no early game counter to armour scrubs any more.

Comp has always been about firefight, whilst it's cool to see the other modes being introduced to 10 player servers, it's not really what the mode has ever been about.

The new armour/chest visuals are awesome.

Obviously it's not going to happen since it's been asked so many times already, but it would be awesome if a theater similar to DGL was implemented with six rounds.
"What happened to the load-outs? No Makarov for Security now? Seems unnecessary to remove it."

This is just me being hopeful, but based on the current hot thread on the sidearms (here) they might be pre-removing it to implement one of the suggested secondaries. 

"The available guns on each side seam to change depending on the map, such as sapper not having an AKS on Ministry, which is gonna make things pretty confusing." 

This has been the case for quite a while, as an example, the grenadier class sometimes has a shotgun, other times has the mp5k. At night the scout class from the insurgents doesn't have access to the aks-74U. 

"Comp has always been about firefight, whilst it's cool to see the other modes being introduced to 10 player servers, it's not really what the mode has ever been about."

I agree with you here, but I feel like (old) ambush had quite the potential as either a tiebreak or a smaller game spectator/player base wise in comp.

Now onto OP

"4 rounds insted of 6 is too short."

I dont even play comp, but bloody hell that just makes matches very short lived and I imagine reduces the chance of comebacks and hype for the spectators. If anything it should be a bit longer (im not saying cs:go long, but still, as a spectator the more hype = more entertainment)

Otherwise yeah, agreed with you two. I've already stated what I hoped gets changed, but to be brief:
  • Change some spawn points/restricted areas (e.g. Ministry, Sinjar elim/push)
  • Fix being able to bipod into a postion that is unable to be seen due to a wall but the bipod-user is able to see through said barricade/wall
  • Change some weapons to be able to compete with their counterparts (e.g. mp5k vs ump45, galil-SAR vs M4A1, MP40 vs Sterling etc.)
I havent played the new update yet, but about the classes/weapons I have to say, I do like the new way they are heading. Less choices per class, therefor more classes.
It is all up to the available playerslots of the server if you want to have 5on5 or 8on8 playable. ESL tries to run same way of classes/special roles vs e.g. other theaters that give access to everything everywhere except mp5, ump and sniper.

I have yet not found any proof of the maprelated equipment changes in the theater files and I doubt that this is intended. Comp theaters should not change their loadout like others change their panties... one base theater and its done. Will see how devs work with all the criticism though, Iam excited Smile
[Image: 2MEKZ9N.png]

I have been playing this game for a while now and i've seen that most of the times the Devs simply do not ask us comp players. It is sad to see that developers take their own ideas into action without having an idea of how comp and the theatre should be designed. I do not understand why NWI wouldn't work together with actual comp players from the DGL/ESL and build a solid comp theatre or simply a strong comp scene. I personally wonder.. If NWI makes such big and bad decisions/updates, how will you handle the e-sports in Sandstorm? This game has already had the chance of getting there, because it has the potential, but instead COOP and Custom is more important? How is NWI planning to work well together as well as with actual people that know comp, if they don't show any signs of interest in this game already?! NWI, work with the people that play your game on a competitive lvl and still want to even though you messed up so many times - give them your attention and get this game bigger. only 1.5k-2k active players and how many times has this game been sold on steam?


I think changing the theatre isn't bad, first of all. Even if you switch things totally around.
Having a system in where you gain points is something that i do not dislike. Maybe implementing a system in where you gain a lot when playing the OBJ - simply so that pub. players that randomly join comp get something valuable to go for on OBJ, due to the fact that the majority doesn't know that you have to play OBJ a lot.

However if you have a system where you gain points, then you've got to have some rounds for that as well - and why would you even think about making it to 4 rounds instead - 6 is good for a public comp. By having 4 rounds you destroy your own idea of having to gain points for loadouts.

Visuals are nice, the change to the characters looks depending on what they take is good!

I agree with Fenris and SHIELD, so i don't have to restate what they've just said.

AP has to be able to get on a gun, as a start loadout. You should be able to handle the recoil without a heavy barrel.


Yes ambush and Skirmish are good modes, i like them because you actually have a higher percentage to get to play with smarter people. As Fenris stated - introducing them to 10v10/5v5 servers would not be a bad idea, but comp itself has always been about firefight.

I would suggest you guys to either give us back the old system or leave this system on but come up with something that is more usefull and talk to your comp guys! We are the guys that take your game very serious and put lots of hours into playing it, practicing all kinds of stuff, so as much as you should listen to your players that play push etc. you should realize that this game could have been way bigger and better if you'd simply worked together with DGL/ESL and just your comp players.

mambo out
AMBUSH - New NVG&Map Dry cananl - on the map "Dry ananl" I can only see the sky, When you turn on NVG just made the game looks unreal, it looks like a video game, and so dark can't see anything. day map sec spawn should't have been change too, It makes sec team too easy to rush. Map Market - Old Market layout made it one of the great map for ambush, but I don't think it is anymore. also this is a map that most ambush don't want to change. We will die if without old market. We LOVE new Revolt and new characters. it's about ambush competetive, Ambush is a older version for comp as I know but not sure, DGL had a discussion other night with our comp team about start a new season on ambush, but I don't know they will be able to do that or not.
we also talk a bit on this thread about this:

i think the competitive scene is very unbalanced and less funny, 

first of all
the reduced number of points,  and the guns changing(The Misterious Disappearence of AK74 really hurts me) ,
are leaving very few usuefull options.playing without heavyweight(HW) armor now is going to be very hard.

and secondly , for my gamestyle,  the sniping class..
has been really ruined. the HW for the sniper costs 6 points Big Grin  
why can 't have back 7x on SNIPER's SKS (and may be adding 8x on L1A1 for the team one)
also u can 't get AP/7X  together,because it means you have no side-gun, that should be free for SNIPERS.
SKS no-AP vs HW-armor takes 5 shots to kill. :V
just sniping with the support class and longscopes, is better.(also have bypods free :V)

the Flanker was a good class with many adaptable, funnyand functionally loadouts.
now the specialist, and the engineer, have just 2 or 3 possibly usefully loadouts notfunny
( if u want mp5 U have to get it with AP and u cant, so it 's falling down on my preferencies)

i am prefering tactical operation FIREFIGHT @ the moment

my final thought goes to the new game .. things are getting creepy  ...

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