So, up until this morning's update, and since the previous update, the K : D display was reset after every round (for PVP anyway). This is, by far, the more desirable behavior.

I am a principle admin on a server which, by universal consensus of the owner, admins, and all the regulars, encourages objective play (in preference to "kill leeching") by as many means as are within our power. For an objective oriented server in an objective oriented game, this was a godsend at encouraging a focus on objectives over killcount.

When this change first happened, I interviewed some of the other admins and regulars, to discover that (after a day or so playing with it), we all came to prefer the K : D counts being reset between rounds.

Now, this has once again been "fixed" to make the game more CS:GO-like. Now, K : D is remembered and accumulated from one round to the next. Bad call!

Go back to the way it was, for the love of everything Insurgency. Or at least provide us the option!
Yeah, lots of guys complaining about that feature (reset of kd), I also have to say, its a nice thing to have. Would be cool to have a non forced cvar for that (especially for comp its really good to have).
[Image: 2MEKZ9N.png]

RESETTING KD is a bug from august hotfix I think, Buy yeah reset KD for each round is nice to have, have both will be even better : P
It would be good to have but show overall stats from all rounds played.

The MVP should be selected from the round played and average overall. Or would that mean you have to redesign too much of the scoreboard layout?

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