how I can know which game modes are available, for a map that does not have .txt file?
I think all maps have .txt . Do you know one that doesnt have it?
I have read some time ago that the .txt files are now included in the .bsp files
Use bspsrc (google it) to extract the files from the BSP file. If it's a Workshop mod, use GCFScape to edit the VPK file for that map in your Workshop dir. It's not ideal, but those should get you the file.
No, is for a .PHP script.
Now I get game modes from .TXT files.
Thank You
I decompile most game objects to extract the text and image files for my web tools. The files are at https://github.com/jaredballou/insurgenc...cy/ - that should have most of what you need I believe.
Yes, I see it.
But in old system ( 1.bsp = 1.txt ), .php scripts can work directly.
Now, We need extract and upload map.txt.

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