I used to love playing this...
But with this update they have been ruined. 
The new loadout system is super limiting and quite frankly bad. I want to be able to take a customized primary or secondary, and then another simple gun or explosive etc. I do not want to only be able to have one gun that doesn't even have a scope on.
The new maps added are also not the best for firefight. If you want to add more than please make more like ministry which are almost symmetrical on both sides. 
Also whats with the terrible insurgent pistols, and their weapons on offer? It is just generally not well balanced on either side, with the only good class the insurgents have on offer for many 5v5 play types being locked down in Specialist, as its guns and attachments dont take up 15 load out points each.
With the new loadout system and maps its feeling more like sustained combat rather than what it used to. I for one hate the one sided system that stems from Sustained combat and I do not want tactical operations to become that unbalanced.

Ambush is just terrible as well. Please put that in either a separate category or just remove it all together. I want to play god damn firefight, not this halo like game mode. Please, please remove this.

This new update has made me super upset. I'm a fond believer in insurgency and have got over 4 other people to purchase the game and spend significant hours on it. Please do not ruin this game for me, as all the other ones that I enjoy (Unturned, Warthunder etc) have already been ruined. Just keep it how it is, please oh please or just separate out the new changes.

With the edit I just want to emphasize more how this has crippled me and my friends enjoyment of this game. It's gone from one of the only games we play and one of our all time favorites to completely not enjoyable.
I agree with Henry here, it would be nice to have new maps available in competitive mode, but there is no need to change the loadout options. Love the new models and the armour options now showing on player models, but please put the weapon loadouts back to normal. I can't have an M4 with a holographic now, for over a year I have used that loadout and practised with it, now I can't use that combination, why? Unfortunately this is not a good update for competitive players, another disatisfied customer here.
Just went into an empty unranked comp server. Why reduce the number of possible loadouts? I can say that it is very worrisome if we casuals are going to be very limited in our options if this goes through to the entire game.
I have not tried it yet, but I guess the loadout combinations are reduced, therefor is more than just 5 classes, right? (was like that in beta few days ago) Thats the way NWI wanted to go for a while now, and I have to say it is a good way.

One more thing, do never use optics in comp! Smile

The only thing you need is your gun, maybe ap or hp, depends on the lande/enemy armor a nade/ flash and thats it. So many people use 2x scopes etc on comp servers, they definately fail against ANY good comp players in peripheral vision, ADS, just everything.
[Image: 2MEKZ9N.png]

I don't use scopes majority of the time on it anyways.
But I hate the new system. It's way too limiting and unbalanced.

Also to add to this - What's with only 4 rounds to win?
4 Rounds makes each game so much shorter, and makes the gameplay more and more interrupted. Not only that but it does not give time for sides to be balanced if they weren't, and thus makes is generally more unenjoyable.
i agree with henry , these changes are really dishearting me,
i thought i found a balanced game , for some competitive game , but i m thinking to go back to America'sArmy :S
WHERE is AK 74???
i see insurgents all playing with SKS , many people still using macros ....
WE still need more REAL 7xSCOPES to be REAL snipers... or just change the class name
and what about the points u can get killing enemies/ or capturing objectives, these usually go to the best player , who has less need of more points for his loadout.
to finish:
more points @ start
more automatic guns for the useless class (having now 4 slots to look more attractive but it sucks)
less cost of pistols (should be always free IMHO)
and especially : Don't need ambush and the worst game mod after elimination , skirmish , to appear as competitive , the first one because it 's kinda a troll to play 5 vs 5
and the second because it 's so worst and UNPLAYED. if no 1 wants to play it,
don't annoy players with stranges patches to allure them playing it , just erase it.
I have found a small minority of players who are enjoying the update, so NWI you haven't gone all wrong. But for those who are playing competitive I have found that the majority of people - or atleast those who will talk during matches- are not liking the changes.
I think that there should just be firefight, and if people really do want to the other game modes than make a whole new thing for them (So where there are tac ops, sustained combat etc).
As for the class system it leaves most of the team with a poor choice of guns, limits peoples play options and also just makes the gameplay experience just less enjoyable.

Please do something about this. This thread is a perfect example of how the community feels about the changes to change in competitive: Most people are not happy with the changes in some aspect or another.
Please, oh please NWI, reverse or change the update when it comes down to comp. Thank you.
We need a command that will make the game export a single monolithic theater file, without #base files. That way, we can have servers running "DGL Season 3 5v5 v2" and new changes being tested in v3. The current system is separated just enough to make small theater changes have wide effect, but not enough to actually produce MECI artifacts.

Splitting it into proper object schemas would honestly be better done in Lua, so instead of spending that time, we just need the merged results. Can we just have a way to save a theater file, use that as our override, and be able to rely on it working?

I can't imagine that the comp scene wants to have constant change during a season of ranked play. Imagine if we nerf the AK after a team already exploited that advantage, and now their opponents are at a disadvantage.
Are you saying that they changed inventory options for unranked non competitive? I dont think they did.

But Ambush game mode is just terrible in my opinions. And I keep hearing same from lots of people on servers, complaining about it.

I am not sure what the idea was with those changes. I guess to make it less tactical, and more run and gun. Becuase escort points and spawn points are not so close that you basically have no other options other than run and gun, and spam frags to other side. There are better games with that kind of gameplay, Call of Duty being one of them.

At leave old escort points and spawn points so people who do not like new changes can use old positions...
Yes they did.

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