Hello All,

It's finally nice to post, I've been helping out the community on the Steam forum with assistance with game modes for DOI. I've been learning as I go but having fun.

I don't have much time to map anymore, I do miss it and have some stuff that I have made for DOI but I won't have anything to submit for the contest sadly.

I would like to do more in the blog and will make a youtube video soon for mapping in DOI the same I did for Insurgency.

Just wanted to say hello and tell everyone at NWI you're doing an awesome job! I love playing DOI but I need to get my maps finished for Insurgency first.

All the best
Good evening champ,

Sounds great!
I saw some of your posts linking to the Steam Community forums. Keep up the good work and people - mapping or not - will thank you for it.

Learn as you progress, that's the way Smile

Good night
Your thoughts on this idea.

R-C-MAN Live Stream

Map Making with Hammer Insurgency and Day of Infamy


I will be streaming Map making on Twitch.tv

I will go in to map basics, getting started, creating a basic map, playing that map, getting it running so we can play it. We’ll make what you want (within reason)

Covering Topics
- Using no NODraw
- Sizes and techniques
- Adding Security and Insurgent forces
- Adding a NAV Mesh
- Adding Sound
- Displacements
- Props
- Triggers
- Sky Inside and Out

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