2.SS.Pz.Gren. Regt.3 Deutschland 9.Kompanie - Day of Infamy


The 2.SS|9.Komp is officially active in the game and our server has been managing to remain popular since we put her online last week. We have a teamspeak as well and active members ready to scrim against other units. Our first scrim is open to schedule in October. In the meantime, we perform drills that involved communication, individual, fireteam, and squad tactics, as well as leadership programs to be sure our scrim leaders have the most knowledge they can receive in such a game.

Game Server Info: doi1.9komp.com:15204
TeamSpeak 3 Server Info: ts3.9komp.com:9541

Be sure to come and say "Hallo" sometime.

Auf Wiedersehen
Server Update:
Now hosting London server.
Ip: doieu1.9komp.com:14901
9.Kompanie is a historical study group ran by a licensed officer, qualified historians, military & medical personnel. We are dedicated to preserving history in its' entirety. We do not condone nor are we affiliated with National Socialism or any of its' derivatives. Prejudices are not welcome in our community, nor are personal attacks of any kind. We run a freedom of speech atmosphere so long as it is not abused for purposes to troll or disrespect players.

Every Sunday @ 1PM Central Standard Time, we will be running a realism scrimmage that involves squad leaders from 9Kompanie teaching player participants historical German WW2 tactics. Our Squad Leaders are both well qualified with degrees and years of experience in the field of history, military history, German culture & language.

~9.Kompanie Staß

We are recruiting regular, active clan members to help carry on our traditions. Our ranks include players from different cultures around the world.

Join us at http://www.9komp.com

Day of Infamy #1 Server IP: doi1.9komp.com:15204
[Image: b_560_95_1.png]

* That server switches between 24/7 Salerno and 24/7 Liberation maps throughout the week.

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