NOTE: This is a repost from a similar thread in the beta branch steamgroup

Pretty good job! I'm happy to finally be able to see when someone is wearing armor/ammo rigs.

A few quips I have with it though:

  1. It seems that the original models have been scrapped/removed for some reason. I don't think that's the right course of action given that it would make a basically every playermodel community mod fully obsolete rather than obsolete to a small degree. I hope this is a temporary thing as development continues.

  2. When shooting someone wearing heavy armor with ammo (9mm/.45cap standard) that meets below penetration power threshold, there seems to be a lack of feedback that I'm not hitting my target. It's as if that the bullets being fired are passing straight through, I feel as if there needs to be some form of feedback such as a flinch and a small, non-bloody, smokepuff to at least show that I'm hitting my target but the armor is blocking the shot.

  3. So far, if the bullet doesn't meet/pass the penetration threshold, the bullet does nothing. Ignoring any sort of blunt trauma the wearer will experience, the armor will still exprerience wear and tear. Rather than having the inferior bullet do nothing, I suggest that armor have it's own health pool that deteriorates when shot. Once it reaches zero, the penetration threshold no longer applies and just simple damage mitigation is applied to incoming shots. That way dinky little pistol/HP ammo wont be totally useless. Obviously, we are not going for 1:1 strict realism, the game mechanics wont complement it well. A Type III/IV level vest can take numerous shots of 7.62x39, including AP, with no problem. This suggestion is rather for mechanics that add some depth and promote tactical/skillful interactions.

Anyhow, keep up the good work! I'm looking forward to playtests.
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