Hello. I've tried catching your attention somehow. because it is propably a few minutes of work, but you might be not aware of the situation.

Since the recent Insurgency update, all the servers are empty at all times. It is caused by a little oversight. Client version and server version make any attempt of connecting futile.


You need to update the servers to match client version.

Dozens are dozens of comp wannabies are playing every single morning (this is when I play), and its their fight that will fuel the Sandstorm. Now we r kinda not happy, its been a few days of the blackout among the INSURGENCY COMMUNITY.

I know you guys are busy with Sandstorm, and I am more than happy about that, but it makes me think that you may be unaware of the problem which can probably be sorted in few clicks.

I know it is not so adequate forum to post in, but it is the closest.

Best Regards


New update, same situation. Ranked servers are outdated, so it is impossible to connect to them.
Thanks for the report, issue should be fixed. If it's not, please let us know. In the future you can use our support system http://support.newworldinteractive.com for things such as this so our support team sees it.
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