Hey guys, tactical realism server host here looking for a more tactical game type. I was wondering if it was possible/if anyone is working on a search and destroy or more tactical type of game. If anyone is interested in this I have a few ideas for some new game types as well. 

These games would be a one life game, once you die you must wait until next round. 

Look forward to hearing back.
are you still working on this? we are working on SOCOM: REVIVED atm and the IP is for a server we have up if you would like to check it up, its still kinda respawn but we just finished making a Suppression gametype with no respawn and that will be up in a couple of days
I like this idea a lot. Brings me back to the CoD2 days where the pressure of being the last man made you feel alive and the pressure of your peers judging your every move made your palms sweaty.

Does it not run the risk of generalising the classes e.g. all squad carrying explosives or, would you propose a single bomb carrier i.e. Engineer and shepherd him to the target?

I'd love to take out some 88's under heavy fire at Brecourt!

Count me in for some testing!
I knew i missed something in this game and thats S&D ofcourse. Had so mutch fun with that gamemode in the old COD days and this game really need a gamemode like that devs.

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