Since my UMP is so popular, I'm going to be working on some new animations for Insurgency as well as replacing existing models with new ones. I'm hoping that editing weapon scripts for attachments is do-able, so this kinda thing will be possible.


Guess we'll start with an ACR replacement for the M16.


Position render;
[Image: cba8593a67.jpg]


Before I do anything permanent I'll have to check to make sure I can edit/add separate models used for ironsights/laser light combos.



List of weapons I intend to replace;
  • MK17 for M14
  • USP .45 for M9
  • Keltec KSG for Mossberg
  • New AK74/47 model and textures
  • 870 for TOZ
  • TT-33 for Makarov
  • LR300 for Mini-14
  • MP5 for MP5K

Hell, I'll take suggestions/requests for other weapons.

[Image: XKIdprr.jpg]
omg yes that will be very awesome ! nice work so far

Quote:<pre class="_prettyXprint">
// Note: This is a special group used only if nothing else is selected for the optics group
"isFallbackForGroup" "1"

"IronSightFOV" "-25"

"attachment_model" "models/weapons/upgrades/acr/mbus_sights.mdl"

Those files haven't been used since beta and I'm removing them from the next version. Everything goes in a theater file which are consistency checked against the server you're joining's version.


Servers can run custom theaters.

So being a derp that I am, I forgot that the M16 is the only weapon that uses the base flip up sights, so I can just replace that model with the MBUS sights from the ACR and it'll work just fine Smile

[Image: XKIdprr.jpg]
Some progress on the ACR;


I've created draw, fire and iron sequences. Got it all working in game so far.


[Image: 5a4a74cfcd.jpg]

[Image: f0957d3bc6.jpg]

[Image: 73ba9db0e1.jpg]


I am gonna touch up the iron sights too to make them more attractive.

There is also some errors with the actual mesh that screw up the smoothing, but I will fix that last.

[Image: XKIdprr.jpg]
Retention for the "half" reload


[Image: XKIdprr.jpg]
Awesome work as always Brightside. Going to try compiling my FAL with the 90 degree rotation as you suggested, as I type. 


It'd be awesome to get the ACR in the game, but that rear ironsight aperture looks mighty small, and mighty polygonal. Perhaps making it a bit bigger and adding in some more tri's would help. 

[Image: 206e13315b.jpg]

[Image: XKIdprr.jpg]
You should team up with Gnalvl http://www.playinsurgency.com/forums/top...099/page-2 and get this added to their 'realism' mod along with a 6.8spc chambering. 


Still need to touch up those reloads but the base is done i guess..

[Image: XKIdprr.jpg]


Great work as always Brightside - now I'll finally have a reason to use the M16 Big Grin

Nice to see you rounded out the rear aperture too. Though I still think it's annoyingly small. Never seen an ACR in the flesh though so I wouldn't have a clue if they're that restrictive.
Actually i haven't modified the sight mesh yet :V

[Image: XKIdprr.jpg]
wow really awesome work! please team up with Gnalvi to get a damn good realism mod working!!!

[Image: 2MEKZ9N.png]

Quote:Actually i haven't modified the sight mesh yet :V

It definatley looks higher poly in that last video, did you redo the normals perhaps? 



Oh and, I'm looking to get rifleman's '74 into the game, have you managed to figure out how the attachment modpacks work? I'd really like to do a replacement for that horrid dust cover rail. 
All you have to do is just replace the existing model for the attachments;


[Image: b9790feb33.jpg]



Anyways I added an E-mag since there was a smoothing error on the ACR mag that I couldn't seem to fix and this time I added some more geo to the sights peep hole;


[Image: bb9b0e9d46.jpg]

[Image: afea18fa6d.jpg]


Just need to round out that front sight a little more...

[Image: XKIdprr.jpg]

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