7th Cavlary Gaming Regiment

The 7th Cavalry Regiment is a Tactical Realism unit that has multiple areas of operation. It includes Arma 3, ACV(Air Cav Vietnam), Squad,and Insurgency. Its official battle cry is "Garry Owen", in honor of the Irish drinking song Garry Owen that was adopted as the march tune of the real life 7th Cavalry.
The 7th Cavalry was formed 15 October 2002. We currently have over 300 members from across the world.

  • 18 years old and over- not debatable, no exceptions
  • Must have a working mic
  • Must have Teamspeak 3
  • Must have one of the following games to join:
  • Arma 3
  • Arma3: Air Cav Vietnam Mod
  • Insurgency
  • Squad
  • Must NOT be a member of another FPS Clan/Unit. Dual Clanning is Prohibited
  • No Bans are allowed
How to Join
To join visit our teamspeak located on our Website or Ask for a recruiter on our Public general Disscusion Forms
Enlist Form
Steam Group

Frequently Asked Questions

When does boot camp start?

“When you are accepted into the Regiment, you will be assigned a Drill Instructor. They will send you a PM on the forums to arrange your Bootcamp and briefing."

What is boot camp like?

“We offer an unbeatable boot camp experience. We have a dedicated team of Drill Instructors who work every day of the week to provide an immersive and impressive experience boot camps.”

When will my Section/Squad Practice be?

“When you have completed Bootcamp, you will be assigned into your chosen Battalion. You will be placed in a section that has Section Practice at a suitable time for you.”

When will I have to sign roll call?

“You are required to sign roll call once a week. Roll calls are posted on Saturdays, and you must post on it prior to training for that week.”

Can I be a pilot/tanker/sniper/etc?

“Once you have completed Bootcamp there will be many options for you to take. We offer various classes and specialty courses that allow you to become qualified for certain roles during official events.”

What name can i use?

"When you are choosing a name to enlist in the 7th Cavalry, you must choose a realistic forename and surname. This does not necessarily have to be your real forename and surname, but whichever names you choose to enlist with must be plausible."

Would you like to help grow the Insurgency section? JOIN
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Hello Everyone!
Just wanted to Say we are still recruiting and we would like you to join us on our servers!
visit our website and see what is in store!
Thank guys Have FUN!
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Hello Everyone!
We are still recruiting please PM me if you have any questions!
I will respond back as soon as possible! 
If i do not respond back more than a day send another one and reply here!
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Hello Everyone,

Enjoying this Amazing Game?

If you are you should join or Tactical Brother Hood Called the 7th Cavalry!

We have been together for a Long time!
Approx 400 active Member!

Visit us at 7Cav.us!

If you have any Concerns or question please comment below or PM me Direct!

Thank you and Enjoy!

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