Hello all,
I would like to know if it would be possible to remake a Zombie Master type game in Insurgency. 

Before you complain "oh, more zombies", it's important to understand what ZM was. ZM was a game where one player played RTS style controlling the zombies, and the rest played in FPS perspective. The ZM would spawn and control zombies and try to kill the players. Nearly no other games have had this type of gameplay since, the closest I think anyone has tried is Arma 3 Zeus... but that was a much less tight and intimate experience than ZM.

If not zombies, this kind of gameplay could work well with generic enemy clones, robots, monsters... pretty much anything.

Why do I think Insurgency is a good candidate for a remake of this old game?

- Insurgency seems to support relatively advanced AI features already, with AI being able to attack objectives and throw grenades.
- The original ZM and even ZM2 had really terrible gunplay. Insurgency has one of the best in any Source engine game.
- As above, ZM had terrible weapon variety. Insurgency with randomly added attachments would remedy this, as there are a lot of guns in Insurgency.
- Insurgency is readily available on Steam and has a fairly large player base.

and lastly

- Insurgency has pretty great weapon "prepare" animations and you don't see them very often in Insurgency. In ZM adaptation, you would have the great badass feeling of seeing them every time you picked up a weapon spawned on the map.

So what is there left to do?

The main part is coding the role of ZM and implementing it in maps. The easiest solution for maps would to be allow for backwards compatibility with prior maps. I'm not sure how feasible this is, as earlier maps had custom entities on maps used to spawn zombies, and were on an earlier build of Source engine. Here is where I'm not sure if we're pushing what Insurgency can do, if the code would allow us to implement special maps with special entities. If so, the entire ZM role would require new UI elements, those of traps (map elements such as doors and explosives) that could be triggered by the ZM, and that of spawners that spawn enemies for the survivors. This is the bulk of the work of this mod, and I'm willing to look into it and learn how to code deeper in Insurgency.

The second largest part is creating maps. Existing maps converted would be mediocre at best, as ZM maps need clearly defined objectives, sometimes with object fetch quests. I believe that this could be expanded upon in a mod. While I have some experience in mapping, I don't think I could do this well.

The Survivors (FPS players) part of ZM already seems to be pretty much implemented in Insurgency. The only things that would be needed is the ability to drop ammo, and if so distinct models for such dropped items. I could make some placeholder models for this. As in ZM one primarily found weapons on the map (As a way for the map creator to create balance), persistent weapons found in places on maps would need to be created. I'm not sure if this is possible in Insurgency at the moment. In the future, randomizing attachments and such things on map-spawned weapons would be nice.

So... what will I do? Aren't you just the idea guy?
I already have had some experience scripting Insurgency for custom theatres, however I'm not sure how to do the ZM portion. If Insurgency developers or other community members might be interested in helping me create this, or ideas on how to implement the ZM role, I would be very interested.


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