Hey guys,

So on May 13th I created and uploaded the knife skin (Bayonet RGB) linked below.


As of the May 26th update I have been unable to get the skin to show up in-game. All of my other Workshop uploads and subscriptions work fine, I just can't get this knife to show up. I have gotten a comment on the skin's page now confirming I'm not the only one it no longer works for as I thought might have been the case until now.

Anyone have any idea what the issue could be or have a recommendation of what I could try to do to try to fix the issue? Thanks a lot in advance.
Nevermind everyone, I've figured the problem out. The knife skin files were previously misnamed as 'weapoon_marine_bayonet_dm.vtf' etc. They fixed this typo in the last update, changing the names from 'weapoon' to 'weapon' fixed the issue.

Here I was totally unaware that in the past I had created a 'weapoon' skin. Big Grin

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