After this update Server not forcing the client to download any workshop file. 

Note> I know everything about workshop and subscribe_file and the mods use to work fine before the update.
Ping me on Steam.
I can confirm this.

When you update your mod in workshop, server will not update it properly. Server will not stay on old version. It will, half update?

Player who was not subscribed to mod on workshop will not be able to join server anymore. Files will start downloading and then you will get consistency error.

Players who subscribe to mod on workshop will get same problem.

Only way to fix it is to edit appworkshop_222880.acf and remove your mod text data. Restart server and then mod will update.
Then additionally, I think you might need to be subscribed as client otherwise you get same error I think (I did not confirm this fully, but seems like).

This is big issue.

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