In our recent patch we have updated our player models and animations with some IK settings for the hands and feet. This was required in order for the foregrip and grenade launcher gestures to work in third person, but unfortunately will crash your game if you have any player models without these settings. The feet IK help plant the feet on the ground during certain animations so they don't slide around like they previously did though currently they do not adjust the feet on different levels of terrain.

If you experience a crash when spawning in, please check which player model mods you might be running and contact the author with a link to this thread.

All that is required is 8 lines in the Qc you use to compile your player models. Be sure that any other ik related settings have been removed before adding these, they are the only ones you need and anything more or less will crash your game.

$ikchain rhand "R Hand" knee 0.707 0.707 0
$ikchain lhand "L Hand" knee 0.707 0.707 0
$ikchain rfoot "R Foot" knee 0.707 0.707 0
$ikchain lfoot "L Foot" knee 0.707 0.707 0
$heirarchy "r foretwist" "r forearm"
$heirarchy "l foretwist" "l forearm"
$ikautoplaylock "rfoot" 1 0.1
$ikautoplaylock "lfoot" 1 0.1

Do not adjust any of these values!

Any questions or concerns please post them here and I'll answer them as best as I can.

- Ben Turtell
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